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Album review

Liam Ross

Hearts and Faces and Abandoned Spaces (2098876 Records DK)

Liam Ross has not been on itm?’s radar before.

Scottish Hiphop Artists for Equality

No Justice No Peace (bandcamp)

Organised by the inestimable Steg G, this is a blast of a journey through current Scottish hiphop artists

Calling All Astronauts

#Resist (Supersonic Media)

If songs such as ‘Divided States Of America’ were not written in the past few weeks then these guys deserve the award for Prophets Of The Year. Lyrics like shut down/lock down/close the door are truly fearsome in their abrasiveness and timeliness. They’re also a bit funky in their guitar work. This is particularly true […]

Check Masses

Nightlife (Triassic Tusk)

Straight outta Leith, Check Masses have an interesting pedigree but let’s just stick to the music here.


Happy Songs (bandcamp)

Stephen Jones, aka Babybird, continues his prodigious and catalogue-unfriendly output

Scotland in the 80s

The Dreary Heather Club (bandcamp)

This is a lo-fi gem, “two Fifers nae drums” runs the tag-line.

The Rotations

Dirty Hits Vs Near Misses (795537 DK)

The Rotations have been plying their down and downright dirty rock blues for a few years now

Boobs of Doom

Catastrophe Cartography (bandcamp)

After trying to keep up with 2019’s punishing schedule of one album per mont,


Live at Seven-A (bandcamp)

Part of a flurry of recordings made available by musicians with time on their hands

Good Dog

Creature (Lost Map)

Good Dog is the moniker of Suze Bear, a Lost Map regular