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Album review

Calum Wood

She Wynds On: Snow Roads EP (Magic Park)

Someone at the Scottish tourist board has commissioned musician Calum Wood to write a set of tunes as part of an initiative to attract more tourists to the Cairngorms.

The Hector Collectors

Remember The Hector Collectors... You Won't Believe What They Sound Like Now! (Puzzled Aadvark)

BM owes a wee bit of a debt to these guys (it is called “declaring an interest” if you are in public office

Art Brut

Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out! (Alcopop)

Art Brut have always made much of hyperbole.

The Love Coffin

Cloudlands (Bad Afro)

This is the kind of album that is best listened to alone.

Haiku Salut

There Is No Elsewhere (Prah)

It would be only too easy to run out of verbs when describing the third album from Haiku Salut.

Exit Group

Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)

This punk rock thing just isn’t going away.


Kipple Arcadia (Last Night From Glasgow)

‘Dream pop’ is this quartet’s self-imposed genre, and for once the description couldn’t be more apt.

City and Colour

Guide Me Back Home (Dine Alone)

Every song here is greeted with a knowing whoop or an enthusiastic cheer.

Steven Page

Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II (Fresh Baked)

It is a true refreshment to hear someone so in love with the idea of singer-songwriter as protester and voice of a generation

Richard Thompson

13 Rivers (Proper)

Round our house, a new album from Richard Thompson remains An Event.