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Album review


CPR / Just Like Gravity (BMG)

There is something lovely and warm about these two albums


King of Nothing (self-released)

Amid a slew of releases, this album appears to be something approximating a major release by Stephen Jones, aka Babybird…

Taylor Swift

folklore (EMI)

Last week, an unsuspecting section of the music listening public

Marvin Wilson

The Need To Know (Alex Tronic)

A good album should have artwork that reflects its musical content. ‘The Need To Know’ does the job beautifully.

Jim McAteer

Here Be Dragons (Sonic Bull)

Jim McAteer is well-kent on the Glasgow live scene, and has appeared on numerous stages over the years…


Fall To Pieces (False Idols)

This is one of those albums that is fantastically stealthy. Just when you think that one track is finished, you are heading over to the stereo to find out what has happened. It is great when albums do this, because it makes you want to listen again. You are sure you have missed something. It […]

Various Artists

18 Karat Reggae Gold 2020 (Topic)

We may be moving into grumpy old man territory here, but surely there can be no musical genre that is missing its heyday more than reggae?

A. R. Pinewood

No Life (Lost Map)

Oh my goodness, lockdown has done some weird things to people…

Mile Me Deaf

Echo (Siluh)

If this album were a novella, then it would be a page-turner, the kind of book you would read time and again, convinced you’d missed a chapter.

Black Doldrums

Metempsychosis (Bandcamp)

Black Doldrums are Kevin Gibbard and Sophie Landers, based in London, and this remix EP is the result of their debut album recording being put on hold