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Album review

The Rotations

Dirty Hits Vs Near Misses (795537 DK)

The Rotations have been plying their down and downright dirty rock blues for a few years now

Boobs of Doom

Catastrophe Cartography (bandcamp)

After trying to keep up with 2019’s punishing schedule of one album per mont,


Live at Seven-A (bandcamp)

Part of a flurry of recordings made available by musicians with time on their hands

Good Dog

Creature (Lost Map)

Good Dog is the moniker of Suze Bear, a Lost Map regular

Mitchell Museum

Skinny Tricks (Scottish Fiction)

With eleven tracks including the two previous singles ‘Footsteps 101’ and ‘Freakbeak’, the third Mitchell Museum is sunny but gritty

Seil Lien

Shatter (Just Isn't Music)

This Glasgow-based singer-songwriter has been bubbling under for a while with some great live performances

Medicine Men

A Different Port (Last Night From Glasgow)

This is a great second album from Glasgow’s Medicine Men.

Thee MVPs

Science Fiction (E-Easy)

If this album has one flaw, it’s the cover.


To The Earth (Edition)

The sounds here are very sparky and bright and jazzy

Tiny Fighter

Perfect Game (Bay Terrace)

What is it about early summer that brings out singer-songwriters with synths and sighing, breathy vocals? Here we have another case in point with Tiny Fighter. ‘Perfect Game’ is present here in three forms – the original mix, which is very nice and summery. Then, there is the Step5 And Perambulum Remix. That really brings […]