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Album review

James Dean Bradfield

Even in Exile (Montyray)

In the midst of a pandemic that has exiled the entire nation, James Dead Bradfield has emerged bearded

King of the Slums

Encrypted Contemporary Narratives (SLR)

King of the Slums were initially active in the late 80s and some say they missed out on the Manchester music boom

I Like Trains

Kompromat (Atlantic Curve)

This Leeds combo have not released anything for a few years, and yet they are now back…


Heroics (Dome A)

Writing words is hard, as Vasa may agree.

Callum Easter

Green Door Sessions (Moshi Moshi)

This East Coast accordion maverick has recently signed to Moshi Moshi Records

John MOuse

The Goat (Kmiyh)

New to me, but if you’re of a certain disposition (Welsh to be exact)

Carla J Easton

Weirdo (Olive Grove)

This is the new album by Carla J Easton, whose star was already flying high in 2020

Martha Ffion

Nights To Forget (Lost Map)

Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Claire McKay, otherwise known under her stage name of Martha Ffion, releases her second solo album, ‘Nights To Forget’. Featuring ten original tracks, each displays excellent musicianship and compelling lyrics. These cover a range of topics such as “politics, feminism, depression, David Attenborough.” Ffion’s debut album ‘Sunday Best’ was met with critical acclaim […]

Grey Daze

Amends (Loma Vista)

This is a very short and punchy album


Cold Hands, Burn Slow (Monohands)

Some of this album from Fiskur, aka Ross Clark, has appeared on previous EPs and singles