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Album review

The Twistettes

Live at Capture Works (Traffic Cone)

This recent live performance sees the Fife-originated duo in fine form

Starry Skies

Do It With Love (Foxstar)

This is the second album release from Glasgow’s Warren McIntyre and his Starry Skies combo, and what a great record it is

Lady Di / Mega Emotion

Move Motherf*cker / I Know You Know I'm Perfect (Fake Feelings )

James McAvoy’s character(s) in 2016 psychological drama ‘Split’ were responsible for many heinous crimes

Robin Adams

One Day (Hamework)

‘One Day’, the new album from Glasgow songwriter Robin Adams, proves to be a beguiling addition to his body of work.

The Son(s)

The Creatures We Were Before We Were Ghosts (Olive Grove)

Released back in September, this new album from Edinburgh’s The Son(s) is still well worth a listen.

Pale Fire

Husbands (Bandcamp)

Pale Fire are from the West of Scotland and this is their second LP, exploring themes of adulthood and growing up

Thomas Leer

Emotional Hardware (Smitten Kitten)

Two of Greenock’s most revered musical sons are sadly no longer with us

Sons of Southern Ulster

Sinners and Lost Souls (Hanging Tree)

Sons of Southern Ulster are based in County Clare, in the soon to be Brexited Republic of Ireland

Emma Kupa

It Will Come Easier (Fika)

Musician Emma Kupa has loaned her talent to many projects over the years.

Mt. Doubt

Doubtlands (Last Night From Glasgow)

This is the third album from this Edinburgh outfit and collects a brace of recent singles plus other material into a great nine track long-player.