Dan Sartain

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Oooh! Dan thinks he’s dangerous.` Just look at him pointing a gun at his head on the cover. And listen to all those songs about tattoos, skulls, murder and casual misogyny more… “Dan Sartain”

Scissors For Lefty

Underhanded Romance

Overly mannered vocals, de-rigueur disco beats, spiky New Wave guitars… Scissors For Lefty have all the latest zeitgeist elements down pat. That ‘zeitgeist’ literally translates as ‘time ghost’ is apt as the sounds of Scissors For Lefty seem to have wafted into the present day buoyed up by the spirits of long gone gigs more… “Scissors For Lefty”

Sound Team

Movie Monster

I have always been a fan of David Lynch. He is one of the few filmmakers that can make a film with as much depth as a novel, full of bizarre symbolism and disorientation, but without losing the main thread of the story. But when I watched ‘Mulholland Drive’, I found myself somewhat at a loss more… “Sound Team”


Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars

Opening with the clattering of an underground train carriage, the third album from London trio South delivers reliability, but not excitement.` There have been more than a few comparisons with New Order, and listening to this it’s easy to see why.` more… “South”

Stuart A. Staples

Leaving Songs

Baritone in full force, heartbreaking subject matters placed right at the start of the album, lost loves and old friends all present and correct. Recorded during some time in Nashville, this is a beautiful and moving album made lighter by the complimentary female vocals from Maria McKee and Lhasa de Sela more… “Stuart A. Staples”


Mine At Last

On paper Clayhill look like they should blow our minds. Founded by Ali Friend and Ted Barnes when the pair were working with Beth Orton, their lead vocalist, Gavin Clark, has previous form with bluesy rock band Sunhouse. The album was co-produced by Simon Burwell, whose work includes Damon Albarn’s Mali Music project. The gang was assembled, all that remained was to execute the perfect musical heist.
Somewhere along the way, though, things went awry. Mine At Last is a competent debut, but given the personnel involved it should have been a lot more. Perhaps it’s the fact that everything sounds so low-key, as if the band have just woken from a mid-afternoon siesta. The unusual drumbeat and husky vocals of ‘One Nerve’ are intriguing but unengaging, while the funky riffs of ‘Halfway Across’ almost bring to mind indie stalwarts Gomez ‘ almost, but not quite.
In the end Mine At Last falls just short of expectations, not actually bad, but not enticing enough to make you sit up and beg for more. It’s a good start, but there’s some distance to travel yet. [DC] ???


North Atlantic Oscillation

Some Blue Hive

Fast becoming one of the shining lights on the Edinburgh music scene, NAO release the single ‘Some Blue Hive’ on Glasgow’s ONE records (El Presidente,Drive By Argument) To say it is one of the most exciting things I have heard this year is an understatement,a whole host of influences should step forward, take a bow then retreat and let Sam and Ben take the applause more… “North Atlantic Oscillation”


Dawn Raid

Proxy, from London, bring us this EP/album sampler to whet the appetite for their forthcoming debut and having been championed by the likes of Lamacq,they are surely ready to cause a splash more… “Proxy”


Neon Nights Mixtape

Nu-rave�s been so spoken and written about over the last few months that it�s become something of a clich�, and not a terribly helpful one. Whether it�s comments about Glo-sticks, jokes about the Klaxons, or that Day-glo orange pair of socks you bought last week, we�ve all been guilty in our own little ways more… “Various”