Wolf & Cub

This Mess

Here�s one for all you dancefloor indie kids. These electro-garage rockers are one of the bands it�s going to be cool to like in 2007. The pounding bass line and tripped out wailing guitar resembles Primal Scream around the time of Vanishing Point. It�ll make you want to get your groove on and leave you more… “Wolf & Cub”


SubOpt are all about the funk. Something we all need in our lives. Unfortunately, SubOpt fail to bring anything new to the funk-rock genre, sounding like a very standard Incubus. The production is flawless and there are moments of brilliance, especially in Optimystic, in which Donna Maciocia provides an air of freshness to the music with her smooth voice more… “SubOpt”


This is weird. Pre-pubescent sisters performing on drums and keyboards. You could well be forgiven for expecting some Hanson type abomination. Instead we get a record that’s interestingly all over the place. more… “Smoosh”