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Album review

David Potts

Coming Up For Air (Maximum)

There’s nothing in this entire album that warrants a second listen. Unfortunately I put myself through it multiple times just in case there was something I missed


Sounds of Sweden sampler (Dolly Mixture)

Dolly Mixture have a habit of unearthing some serious talent(and that goes for the music as well!) But on this sampler in association with Sounds of Sweden we are treated to two excellent artists in Maia Hirasawa and Hello Saferide. The first track is the only track by Maia Hirasawa called �Say Goodbye� and is […]

Holly Throsby

Under the Town (Woo Me)

�Not another bloody acoustic(y) singer songwriter record!� I screamed inwardly as I pulled away the press release that obscured the front cover of Sydney based Throsby�s second album. Sometimes the realisation that one is jaded and presumptuous is very welcome indeed with this most definitely being one of those times.

The Little Ones

Sing Song ()

Some bands just seem to appear blazing brain-banging pop hooks; impeccably fashioned indie numbers firing from their holsters like Sub Pop�s back catalogue loaded into an untamed oozy. Enter the Little Ones, then


Boiled Frogs ()

Not my cup of tea. But, let me finish, I actually quite like this. Aside from the generic screamo-ing and undeniable eau d�Enter Shikari, I�m inexplicably impressed by this track. Well no, not impressed, �Boiled Frogs� isn�t a big steaming bowl of genius, neither is it an epic in abstract lyricism; but what it is […]

The Twang

Wide Awake ()

There�s something about singer Phil Etheridge�s voice that�s a strange hybrid between Ian Brown and, oddly, Preston of Ordinary Boys/CBB �fame�. As for �Wide Awake�, listening is like stepping into a Tardis and emerging in the 90s Britpop era

The 4th Parallel

Ultra-Extra ()

The title track from these Glaswegians� debut promo is ready to catch you from the beginning, with a bassline that can only be described as delicious, wanting to break out into a funk experimentation, only to be reigned in by spacey synths and the swaggering tones of Michael McCahill


BOOM (Fat Hippy)

There�s some things you certainly may need to know about Captainface. They�re named after a Boer War casualty (officer Captainface of the imperial Light Horse Regiment to you). They hail from Kinmundy ( neither) and they peddle a peculiar blend of Politico-punk funk and hard rock

The Pigeon Detectives

Romantic Type (Dance to the Radio)

Catchy enough garage rock indie fodder which would be fine if it weren�t for the million and one other catchy enough garage rock indie fodder bands


Free Download Compilation (Transformed Dreams)

This is an interesting look at the diverse Amsterdam based label. The flavour is mostly punk (Sex Pistols punk as opposed to moronic ‘middle class American life is so hard’ punk thank god) with the occasional astract folk and electro pop numbers thrown in for good measure. There are a few wee hidden gems in […]