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Album review

The Twang

Wide Awake ()

There�s something about singer Phil Etheridge�s voice that�s a strange hybrid between Ian Brown and, oddly, Preston of Ordinary Boys/CBB �fame�. As for �Wide Awake�, listening is like stepping into a Tardis and emerging in the 90s Britpop era

The 4th Parallel

Ultra-Extra ()

The title track from these Glaswegians� debut promo is ready to catch you from the beginning, with a bassline that can only be described as delicious, wanting to break out into a funk experimentation, only to be reigned in by spacey synths and the swaggering tones of Michael McCahill


BOOM (Fat Hippy)

There�s some things you certainly may need to know about Captainface. They�re named after a Boer War casualty (officer Captainface of the imperial Light Horse Regiment to you). They hail from Kinmundy ( neither) and they peddle a peculiar blend of Politico-punk funk and hard rock

The Pigeon Detectives

Romantic Type (Dance to the Radio)

Catchy enough garage rock indie fodder which would be fine if it weren�t for the million and one other catchy enough garage rock indie fodder bands


Free Download Compilation (Transformed Dreams)

This is an interesting look at the diverse Amsterdam based label. The flavour is mostly punk (Sex Pistols punk as opposed to moronic ‘middle class American life is so hard’ punk thank god) with the occasional astract folk and electro pop numbers thrown in for good measure. There are a few wee hidden gems in […]

Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid

Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid (Domino)

Following on from Keiran �Fourtet� Hebden and Motown/James Brown/Miles Davis drummer Steve Reid�s �exchange sessions� EPs, �Tongues� is a new album of collaborations between the two

My Device

Nervous System (Shifty Disco)

My Device are an excitable Brighton trio, sitting uncomfortably in the space left between Maximo Park and the next faintly-melodic jerky indie band that the NME so loves to give its magazine space to

Jesse Malin

Glitter in the Gutter (One Little Indian)

I don�t know who this Jesse Malin character is, but he seems to have a lot of famous friends – Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams are just some of the rock royalty to have collaborated with Jesse on his new album

The Horrors

Gloves (Loog)

The Horrors are less a band and more a theatrical performance. From the image to the stage show to the songs – everything about them seems practised and performed to horror-punk perfection. However, this is not entirely a bad thing. It�s been light-years since a band had the gall to dress up and challenge their […]

Wolf & Cub

This Mess (4AD)

Here�s one for all you dancefloor indie kids. These electro-garage rockers are one of the bands it�s going to be cool to like in 2007. The pounding bass line and tripped out wailing guitar resembles Primal Scream around the time of Vanishing Point. It�ll make you want to get your groove on and leave you