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Album review


The Blinding EP (Regal)

So here we go, actually some new music to write about rather than more guff tabloid dramatics that we�re all so nullified by. So what of the music?


If You Could Read Your Mind (Domino)

Clinic have been around for about ten years, and yet this is the first I�ve heard of their menacing sonic experimentalism. I�m introduced to these peculiar Domino veterans by a sinister sprinkling of chimes that leads into an even more unsettling amalgam of brittle guitar picking and Ade Blackburn�s paper thin, synthetic drawl


Alala (Sub Pop)

It might open with a wail of screeching guitar distortion, along with some raggedly grungy drumming, but Sub Pop�s latest darlings are a far cry from label-makers Nirvana. Think Christina Aguilera�s �Dirty� allied with some DIY electronica and a generous dollop of Brazilian kookiness

The Cardinals

Hold On (Tri-Tone)

Personal taste is everything, particularly when it comes to music. Take the Cardinals for example. �Hold On� starts so promisingly, boasting beautifully soaring chords, contagious chorus, and some lovely cheery little lyrics on top. Great

Fedde Le Grand

Sessions (Ministry of Sound)

Entirely rubbish dance mix double album. All it needs is Judge Jules spouting shite over the top to make it perfect bin fodder. Alex Botten

Manic Street Preachers

Everything Must Go 10th Anniversary Edition (Sony BMG)

The Ordinary Boys

How To Get Everything You Always Wanted In Ten Easy Steps (B-Unique)

It�s a pretty predictable saga, really. Flailing Indie star releases largely terrible second LP , rather bizarrely finds himself on a reality show watched by millions, marries non-Celeb contestant and ends up on the cover of Now! Magazine

David Potts

Coming Up For Air (Maximum)

There’s nothing in this entire album that warrants a second listen. Unfortunately I put myself through it multiple times just in case there was something I missed


Sounds of Sweden sampler (Dolly Mixture)

Dolly Mixture have a habit of unearthing some serious talent(and that goes for the music as well!) But on this sampler in association with Sounds of Sweden we are treated to two excellent artists in Maia Hirasawa and Hello Saferide. The first track is the only track by Maia Hirasawa called �Say Goodbye� and is […]

Holly Throsby

Under the Town (Woo Me)

�Not another bloody acoustic(y) singer songwriter record!� I screamed inwardly as I pulled away the press release that obscured the front cover of Sydney based Throsby�s second album. Sometimes the realisation that one is jaded and presumptuous is very welcome indeed with this most definitely being one of those times.