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Sound Team

Movie Monster (Parlophone)

I have always been a fan of David Lynch. He is one of the few filmmakers that can make a film with as much depth as a novel, full of bizarre symbolism and disorientation, but without losing the main thread of the story. But when I watched ‘Mulholland Drive’, I found myself somewhat at a […]

Stuart A. Staples

Leaving Songs (Lucky Dog)

Baritone in full force, heartbreaking subject matters placed right at the start of the album, lost loves and old friends all present and correct. Recorded during some time in Nashville, this is a beautiful and moving album made lighter by the complimentary female vocals from Maria McKee and Lhasa de Sela


Mine At Last (Eat Sleep)

On paper Clayhill look like they should blow our minds. Founded by Ali Friend and Ted Barnes when the pair were working with Beth Orton, their lead vocalist, Gavin Clark, has previous form with bluesy rock band Sunhouse. The album was co-produced by Simon Burwell, whose work includes Damon Albarn’s Mali Music project. The gang […]


Dawn Raid ()

Proxy, from London, bring us this EP/album sampler to whet the appetite for their forthcoming debut and having been championed by the likes of Lamacq,they are surely ready to cause a splash

North Atlantic Oscillation

Some Blue Hive (One)

Fast becoming one of the shining lights on the Edinburgh music scene, NAO release the single ‘Some Blue Hive’ on Glasgow’s ONE records (El Presidente,Drive By Argument) To say it is one of the most exciting things I have heard this year is an understatement,a whole host of influences should step forward, take a bow […]


Neon Nights Mixtape (DMC)

Nu-rave�s been so spoken and written about over the last few months that it�s become something of a clich�, and not a terribly helpful one. Whether it�s comments about Glo-sticks, jokes about the Klaxons, or that Day-glo orange pair of socks you bought last week, we�ve all been guilty in our own little ways


Turning Circles (Taylored)

Lately Dropkick have just been getting better and better. �Obvious� was a Teenage Fanclub-alike low-key masterpiece, but �Turning Circles� sees them finally fulfilling their potential. I�ve previously stated that they should appeal equally to Converse-wearing indie kids and Ryan Adams� alt-country faithful, but there�s so much more depth and talent on this, their fifth album, […]

The Frames

The Cost (Anti)

The Bongolian

Blueprint (Blow Up)

For all that the name hints at a novelty or tribute act, The Bongolian serves up a fine slice of retro funk and high tempo percussion with ‘Blueprint.’ With a squelch and wah-wah feel pervading throughout the majority of the songs, there is a large 1960s and 70s TV and film sound but the rhythms […]

Richard Ashcroft

Why Not Nothing? / Sweet Brother Malcom (Parlophone)

The final release from Richard Ashcroft’s 2006 album ‘Keys To The World’ is a double AA side of contrasting but equally charming songs. ‘Why Not Nothing?’ shows Primal Scream how it’s done when drawing influence from the Stones