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Album review

Spike Priggen

There's No Sound In Flutes! (Reaction)

These are hardly times for a return to old-fashioned songwriting values, and even if they were we’re already swimming in disciples. So it’s difficult to see the worth of this third solo album by the New York-based artist and sometime producer Spike Priggen, in which his lifelong quest for the perfect power-pop song continues

Frida Hyvonen

Until Death Comes (Secretly Canadian)

It seems harsh to criticise this album for its lack of substance, especially because making it sound so sparse and thrifty was clearly a deliberate ploy.


Worthwhile ()

Worthwhile represents the debut work of electronic rock out?t Recoup. Renamed after a recent member reshuf?e (they used to be called Coup – get it?), the record represents their attempt to put their live performances on record.

Juliette And The Licks


Juliette and the Licks formed in 2003, as a five piece with guitarists, Todd Morse (from H20) and Kemble Walters would prove a constant in its, revolving line-ups.

Dan Sartain

Join Dan Sartain (One Little Indian)

Oooh! Dan thinks he’s dangerous.` Just look at him pointing a gun at his head on the cover. And listen to all those songs about tattoos, skulls, murder and casual misogyny

Larrikin Love

The Freedom Spark (Infectious)

In Larrikin Land, seaside towns and open pastures are to be embraced as much as downing Grand Ole’ Parr down the dockyard or getting embroiled with strewn wenches. The Freedom Spark’ brims with romantic English imagery

Scissors For Lefty

Underhanded Romance (Rough Trade)

Overly mannered vocals, de-rigueur disco beats, spiky New Wave guitars… Scissors For Lefty have all the latest zeitgeist elements down pat. That ‘zeitgeist’ literally translates as ‘time ghost’ is apt as the sounds of Scissors For Lefty seem to have wafted into the present day buoyed up by the spirits of long gone gigs

Larrikin Love

The Freedom Spark (Infectious)

Larrikin Love are yet another one of these fast-living, politic spouting bands from the South of England who seem to have cropped up at an alarming rate nowadays

Chris Singleton

Twisted City (Brownpaper)

Chris Singleton’s something of an oddity.` Born and bred in Dublin, his debut album is nonetheless themed around eleven stations on the London Underground

The Last Town Chorus

Wire Waltz (Loose)

It’s a dangerous game that Megan Hickey, sole fulcrum of the Last Town Chorus’ revolving collective, is playing here; picking her way through a wintry hinterland of folk-country almost-songs