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Album review


Fools on a Holiday (Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts)

If ever there was a large-scale prescribed musical cure for that pesky SAD, then it may involve pumping this light-hearted ode to sunshine and giggles over speakers nationwide. This is the Boston band’s second LP


The Last Classed Blast (Iron Man)

Smack-mullet central NYC has become so stylish of late it’s hard to imagine a band called Dufus making strictly oddball gypsy-folk could venture from such territory. But with the likes of Regina Spektor and Jack-Jeffrey Lewis keeping it Grade A kooky in their homeland, Dufus may have the right ingredients to make their tenth album […]

Naked Flames

Animal Love ()

I never make reference to the cliché-ridden, grammar resistant ineptitude that comprises most artists’ press releases, but I have to share a quote with you in the interests of irony: ‘Don’t you just hate ‘joke bands’, all that stupid unfunny double entendre and crap playing, total s***.’�

The Early Years

The Early Years (Beggars Banquet)

These might still be the early years of this band, since they formed in 2004. Yet, this London-based trio (David Malkinson, Roger Mackin and Phil Raines) has achieved quite a lot in such a short time: soon after they formed their demo tape received air-backing on Radio One and XFM, while Beggars Banquet signed them.

NSS and DJ Gooch

No Talent Necessary'�No Travel Required (Baphomet's Lounge)

First impressions shouldn’t affect anything but they really do count for a lot. The sleeve of the fourth album from NSS is truly terrible – a Borat look-alike stands next to a portly man with receding hair, an open shirt (complete with handcuff necklace) and too small sunglasses. It’s a mess and doesn’t bode well […]


Singles, B sides and Live (Too Pure)

Well, the title of this one gives it away – probably not aimed at the uninitiated like myself. The first 6 songs are hook-laden mainly instrumental organ-driven pieces., and are pretty decent in an electronica-meets-ounge music sort of way


Stop The Clocks (Big Brother)

It’s always hard reviewing ‘�best of’ compilations, especially when the band in question have adamantly insisted that they’ll never produce one. So what changed Noel’s mind? You have to imagine that the money came into it somewhere, as this collection offers nothing new

Fade To Sepia

Situation Hopeless But Not Serious ()

Combining the spit and anger of old school 70’s punk with a rumbling edge of angsty electro movers, this release is roaming for a fight and woe betide anyone that stands in its way.

The Pocket Gods

Jombal Party ()

Another curious one ‘ must be something in the water this month ‘ The Pocket Gods are obviously at their most vital when proffering the quirky, angular 90s punk of title track ‘Jombal Party’ and ‘VVBUD’ as opposed to ‘Telstar Gurl’ and ‘Weekend Revulers’ which are substandard at best


Packrat (Hallenbeck)

Imagine what appears to be the Californian equivalent of Bill Bailey banging out a Folk record with kids keyboards, drumming on hubcaps and playing Appalachian Dulcimers and you have ‘Packrat’.