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Album review


Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars (Cooking Vinyl)

Opening with the clattering of an underground train carriage, the third album from London trio South delivers reliability, but not excitement.` There have been more than a few comparisons with New Order, and listening to this it’s easy to see why.`


Between My Ears There's Nothing But Music (Babybird)

Stephen Jones, Babybird mastermind and alleged sexual deviant, is a fine example of how a hit single can ruin a promising career. When ‘You’re Gorgeous’ first charted in 1996 he couldn’t have foreseen that it would reach the Top 3, or that it would remain in the nation’s memory for over ten years as an […]

The Low Lows

Fire on the Bright Sky (Monotreme)

‘`Quick! Clear the OR. These guys need a cup of tea and a hug from their mum or other female guardian figure, STAT!’` Opening track and upcoming debut single ‘`Dear Flies, Love Spider’ is a dreamy, atmospheric spine-tingler of aching beauty

Beatnik Filmstars

Barking A Collection of Oddities (International Lo-Fi Underground)

Beatnik Filmstars are one of those bands who have been around for what feels like centuries – certainly I remember reading about them in Melody Maker back in the very early Nineties


Front (Dogbox)

It’s become something of a rock journalist’s cliché, but the choice of frontman really can make or break a band. No matter how funky your bass-playing, or how fancy your guitar-strumming – the future will rest on whether Joe Public warms to your vocalist

Catfish Haven

Tell Me (Secretly Canadian)

Even though you don’t get any proper soul records in the charts these days (this modern RnB stuff just doesn’t cut it) there are plenty of enthusiasts who revere the old school artists who sweated it out on stage night after night

Magnolia Electric Co.

Fading Trails (Secretly Canadian)

An ex-girlfriend of mine loved Magnolia Electric Co. (and Songs:Ohia, Jason Molina’s previous outfit). I never understood why – where she claimed to hear beauty and heart-rending honesty all I could hear was dullard guitar almost-country with a pisspoor Neil Young impersonator whining over the top


Conveniens ()

This record is quite bizarre, but in my mind pretty wonderful. The listening experience is not unlike some sort of drug fuelled sci-fi movie soundtrack on CD. Another description might be strange disco music. The whole album is pretty much just synths and drums, the way they imagined the music of the future would be


Well Well Well (Mercury)

Having tried desperately to think of a suitable alternative, this debut album eventually left me with no choice.` It might sound like lazy journalism, but when it comes to the crunch Sheffield four-piece Milburn sound remarkably like a certain other Mercury-winning Yorkshire band`


Too Orangey For Crows (NROne)

It’s worth noting from the outset that this isn’t the Glaswegian Cortez – these doppelgangers hail from the unlikely indie stronghold of Norwich, and serve up an odd blend of guitar pop and curious Americana.