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Dave Arcari

Come With Me... (Buzz)

Have you ever seen the film, ‘Unleashed’ with Bob Hoskins and Jet Li? It is terrible don’t ever try to. It’s about a man (Li) being treated like a dog and raised as a fighting machine, locked up in a cage with an electronic collar leashed around his neck.

Sister Vanilla

Little Pop Rock (Chemikal Undergound)

Right, it’s good to know that whenever the Reid family get a bit high or feel a little low they’ll commit it to tape in some form or another. This time it is in the guise of their younger sibling, Linda aka Sister Vanilla.

Field Music

Tones of Town (Memphis Industries)

Right, I’ve got my calculator at the ready and a strong mug of black coffee ready to tackle the new Field Music album, the finest pastoral English Art-school pop band of our generation.

The Voices

The Sound Of Young America (My Kung Fu)

If ever an album title was set out to mislead the listener, this one would take on and defeat all-comers. A more apt (but less catchy) title would be The Sound Of Young Britain circa 1989-1991.

The Pocket Gods

Sandringtonsput (Nub Country)

This is probably the dumbest record of the last few years but, trust me readers, I mean this in the best possible way.


The Thrill of Fresh Paint (Integral)

I like press releases – apart from anything else they make my job easier – so “known for experimental, cinematic electronica” sums up Pomegranate rather neatly.


Cookies (Rough Trade)

The One Thousand Nine Hundred and Nineties debut album arrives on my doorstep with a press release that states 1990s have been “name checked by everyone from Beth from The Gossip, Love Foxx from CSS and Kate Jackson from The Long Blondes, and all of The Klaxons”


Ammehoelahop (Transformed Dreams)

A label with attitude – specifically, punk rock, and certainly DIY.

The Leg

A Musical Tribute to the Forest of Dean (Leg)

The facts: an 8 track mini-album on 12” clear vinyl from former members of Khaya/Desc and Sainty Jude’s Infirmary. Even Thomas Truax is helping out – so far so good.


Author! Author! (Pre)

A test of a great album is how it lasts the test of time. When this review appeared in is this music?’s top 100 albums of all time (#21) it was no more than a memory to some, perhaps from a scratchy vinyl version from a record fair, or a cassette passed on by a […]