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Album review

Adam Stafford

Diamonds of a Horse Famine (Song, by Toad)

This is the latest release by the multi-talented son of Falkirk Adam Stafford (ok, it is from October last year and these are even older songs anyway, but…). It is worth pointing out that this is on the Song, by Toad section of Bandcamp, only the lead single ’30 Years of Bad Road’ comes up […]


Not Your Muse (Polydor)

It’s easy to be cynical. It’s not necessarily the right way to listening pleasure, though.


Finding My Way (self-released)

STEWXRT is a young guy from Oban and this album was released late last year

Mart Avi

Vega Never Sets (Porridge Bullet)

Remember that picture of the dress that no-one could agree what colour it was?

Dragged Up

'D/U' EP (DU Records)

In true indie lo-fi style, these self-released six tracks were recorded to four track

Spare Snare

The Complete BBC Sessions 1995-2018 (Chute)

Dundee’s Spare Snare were formed in the early 1990s, and their wonderful lo-fi, gloriously noisy indiepop recordings are things to be treasured.

The Prats

Prats Way Up High (One Little Independent)

This is a 20 track compilation of the best bits of Edinburgh punk, or immediate post-punk, band The Prats

The Rotations

As A Matter of Fact (download)

The Rotations are a prolific outfit, churning out LPs quite frequently.

The Twistettes

Live at Capture Works (Traffic Cone)

This recent live performance sees the Fife-originated duo in fine form

Starry Skies

Do It With Love (Foxstar)

This is the second album release from Glasgow’s Warren McIntyre and his Starry Skies combo, and what a great record it is