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Album review

Ged Grimes

The Bard's Tale IV Barrows Deep Vol II (Original Game Soundtrack) (Heist)

This is a very moving set of songs.

Jimi Hendrix

Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Reissue) (Sony)

Years ago I read a magazine article where someone involved with maintaining the Hendrix legacy claimed to have around 300 hours of unreleased material

Neu Gestalt

Controlled Substances (Alex Tronic)

This album is a soundscape rather than an album.

King of the Slums

Artgod Dogs (854878)

Their 90s releases made King of the Slums NME darlings, but they missed out on Britpop – probably just as well…

Errant Boy

Memory Fractures (labelname)

Errant Boy has been doing his (their?) thing for a while now and has been on BM’s radar

Strike The Colours

Flock (Deadlight)

This the second album by Strike The Colours, although it has been long in the pipeline

The 10.04s

A Common Wealth (10:04)

What is the best thing about ‘A Common Wealth’ and its nine tracks?

Calum Wood

She Wynds On: Snow Roads EP (Magic Park)

Someone at the Scottish tourist board has commissioned musician Calum Wood to write a set of tunes as part of an initiative to attract more tourists to the Cairngorms.

The Hector Collectors

Remember The Hector Collectors... You Won't Believe What They Sound Like Now! (Puzzled Aadvark)

BM owes a wee bit of a debt to these guys (it is called “declaring an interest” if you are in public office

Art Brut

Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out! (Alcopop)

Art Brut have always made much of hyperbole.