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Album review

Joe Germlin

No Master Dynamics (ADAADAT)

Joe Howe, aka Germlin, has been making music at the more ‘alternative’ end of the electronic spectrum for many years

Lonely Tourist

Remuneration (Tourist Info)

Following the pub-themed Plume of Feathers album, Paul Tierney adopts his Lonely Tourist guise once again

The Breeders

All Nerve (4AD)

When the “Good morning!” on the album’s first single ‘Wait In The Car’ reaches your ears, it feels like a re-awakening

Tracey Thorn

Record (Unmade Road / Caroline)

Fanfares should be sounded! This is Tracey Thorn’s first album of new material in seven years.

Modern Studies

Mud and Flame (Fire)

So Scottish/Yorkshire baroque chamber pop combo Modern Studies are back with the lead single for their second long player ‘Welcome Strangers’

Errant Boy

We Like You (Errant Media)

A new track from this East of Scotland (i.e. Leith) based combo, follow up to the excellent ‘Means’ single and a precursor to an album this year.

God’s Wonderful Railway

My Early Hauntology Years (cassette/download/stream - via

This is wonderful!

Stick In The Wheel

Follow Them True (From Here)

I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar it meant that you were a protest singer’ sang Morrissey on The Smiths’ 1985 single ‘Shakespeare’s Sister.’

The Just Joans

You Might Be Smiling Now... (Fika)

The Just Joans – sardonic, doleful and straight outta Motherwell.

Dead Hope

Songs From The Second Floor (DH)

Clearly not a band seeking the limelight, this Glasgow three-piece,