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Album review


Carnage Hall (Upset The Rhythm)

It’s unclear which if any of this Glasgow sextet attended Glasgow’s famous Mackintosh-designed college

The Motorcycle Boy

Scarlet (Forgotten Astronaut)

There’s no shortage of records that we have had to wait an aeon for.

Fly Pan Am

C’est Ça (Constellation)

Over twenty years since their formation in Montreal

The Pure Gallus

Did Ye, Aye? (Les Frites Petites)

Dark humour comes in the most unusual packages at times. Take this mysterious Glasgow act.

Piney Gir

You Are Here (STRS)

It’s 21 years since the former Angela Penhaligon first graced our shores and, somewhat unnervingly, around 85% of those of you that are actually reading this article are wondering exactly who she is.


This Is Not A Safe Place (Wichita)

Making their second full length since they reformed in 2016 might’ve given Ride slightly more pause for thought than with its predecessor

Black Doldrums

Club AC30 (She Devine EP)

BM saw this lot live about 6 months ago and they are more than fulfilling their promise with this 5 track EP.

Various Artists

The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1 (Glorious Traces)

Glasgow’s Glad Cafe recently survived a massive roof repair bill

Broken Chanter

Broken Chanter (Olive Grove / Last Night From Glasgow)

This is the new album by David MacGregor, of the currently dormant Kid Canaveral

Laid Blak

About Time (Sugar Shack)

The trials and tribulations of relationships run through all here.