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Album review

She Makes War

And Peace (My Big Sister)

Bristol’s She Makes War (aka Laura Kidd) is bowing out of her SMW project with this excellent retrospective album

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

Good Deeds and Dirty Rags (Blockshock)

After around 30 years of loving this material (and seeing GMM live a few times, always memorable) in the ’80s, and enjoying Martin Metcalfe’s Fornicators

Oliver Spalding

Novemberism (Monotreme)

Jeff Buckley is an obvious comparison to make with Oliver Spalding.


Your Colours Will Stain (PIAS)

This is a moody and mature album.

Current Affairs

Object and Subject (Tough Love)

Current Affairs have been playing live and releasing tracks in Glasgow over the past few years


Cloth (Last Night From Glasgow)

Cloth are another signing on the mighty Last Night From Glasgow label and well worth the listen…

The Cosmic Dead

The Scottish Space Race (Riot Season)

It is hard to know where to start with this – this is one of BM’s finds of 2019

Blue Tiles

Melancholitronica (Errant Media)

The electronic duo is, it seems, as much a classic pop lineup as the 4-piece guitar band.


Your Colours Will Stain (PIAS)

In the early parts of this album, you will hear echoes of Monster-era R.E.M


The Circle Is Round (HHBTM)

For fans of the Atlanta-based alt-rock group Magnapop, their new studio album ‘The Circle Is Round’ has come as the result of a very long wait.