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Various Artists

The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1 (Glorious Traces)

Glasgow’s Glad Cafe recently survived a massive roof repair bill

Broken Chanter

Broken Chanter (Olive Grove / Last Night From Glasgow)

This is the new album by David MacGregor, of the currently dormant Kid Canaveral

Laid Blak

About Time (Sugar Shack)

The trials and tribulations of relationships run through all here.

Ashton Jones Project

Toast (Flash Town)

Each track on this debut album from this UK singer and his 9-piece band positively bubbles, simmers and swivels with energy.

Blanck Mass

Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)

This brand new 8 track album by Edinburgh-based noise terrorist Ben Power

Modern Studies / Tommy Perman

Emergent Slow Acts (Fire)

This is a spaced out release – Tommy Perman has taken tracks from the great Modern Studies album ‘Welcome Strangers’ and turned them into something else

Les Bof!

Voila (Dirty Water)

A (mostly) Scottish combo in love with the 60s French ‘yeh yeh’ bands

John McMustard

Sports Mixture (Button Up)

John McMustard is branching out on his own, with some help from a few friends

The Black Watch

Magic Johnson' (ATOM)


Tenement and Temple

Tenement and Temple (Thrum)

T&T (an moniker which they will probably hate!) have an impeccable Scottish indie pedigree, but what the feck do we care about that?