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Album review


Feed The Engines! (Last Night From Glasgow)

The last three years has welcomed increasing success for Glasgow-based alt-pop band L-Space and their latest album ‘Feed The Engines!’ promises even more.

The Just Joans

Live At The Oast (Wee Pop)

The live album shows the JJs in sparkling form doon sooth

Rainbow Skull

Rainbow Skull (Rainbow Skull)

‘Spot the influence’ is an entertaining game, but this Midlands trio rather spoil our fun

Elaine Lennon

Elaine Lennon (Little Sailor)

Elaine Lennon has been bubbling under on the Scottish music scene and this first 11 track album is a confirmation of her talents.

Isobel Campbell

There Is No Other… (Cooking Vinyl)

If it seems like a long time since we last heard from Isobel Campbell… well, it has been.

The Grand Gestures

Low Lights (Chute)

Jan Burnett of Dundee’s finest Spare Snare approached a large variety of different singers, wordsmiths and artists for collaborations

The Just Joans

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of The Just Joans (Fika)

Referencing James Hogg’s classic tome in the title

Oliver Spalding

Novemberism (Monotreme)

Jeff Buckley is an obvious comparison to make with Oliver Spalding.

The Rotations

Backwards and Forwards EP (labelname)

Oh my good god, what is going on with The Rotations – another twisted collection of tracks released with no fanfare

The Girobabies

Bus Stop Apocalypse (Traffic Cone)

This nine track 2012 album was overlooked by BM at the time but there is such a thing as a legacy, even in these shallow days of ‘Likes’