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Album review


For Inhumanity (HQFU)

Much anticipated new material from Sarah J. Stanley, aka Glasgow’s HQFU.


Suede (Edsel)

The original album is a document of youth, hope and naivety (‘So Young’, ‘Moving’).

Sons of Southern Ulster

Foundry Folk Songs (Hanging Tree)

BM had read something about this on social media describing this combo as Whipping Boy vs A House

Port Cities

Port Cities (turtlemusik)

The band’s website calls this set “incendiary” but that’s misleading.

Michael Timmons

Bone Coloured (Gargleblast)

It’s not the most upbeat of releases, but Michael Timmons isn’t here to offer cheer.

Band of Gold

Where's the Magic (Jansen)

The press release talks freely of artists such as Bjork and Natalie Pross, but the keening delivery and perfectly timed vocal phrasing is all vocalist Nina Mortvedt’s own.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Francis Trouble (Red Bull)

Albert Hammond Jr.’s first album in three years, and his fourth album overall, is some of his best work since leaving The Strokes.

Robin Adams

The Beggar (self-released)

‘The Beggar’ is Robin Adams’ fifth solo album and is an intensely personal one

How To Swim

HTS! 15 (Personal Hygiene)

Its sleeve looks like – if you squint a little – the ‘Hits’ of this multi-faceted Glasgow act.


Superorganism (Domino)

In mid-September, the NME released an article showcasing the soundtrack of the highly-anticipated video game, FIFA 18.