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long players

Stephen Solo

Pii2 (Last Night From Glasgow)

Music reviews are littered with cliche – “like you’ve never heard before”, “unique”… but this Glasgow-based solo (yes) act justifies any hype.

Spare Snare

Unicorn (Chute)

Like the mythical Scottish animal, this Dundonian quintet are a bit of a lesser-spotted beast.


Cabin Biscuits (Red Wig / Mon Cul)

Like the intro on the Bandcamp site says, Sumshapes are Ali Begbie, Jer Reid and Richie Dempsey.

Boobs of Doom

eXXpre​$​$​ion (DOOM)

So it is album no. 10 from the Glasgow-based Boobs, more ear-lacerating beats

Roddy Woomble

The Deluder (A Modern Way)

Idlewild’s frontman has in the past divided fans with his solo diversions into other musical styles.


Perfect Body (Flying Nun)

I’m not saying that the Antipodes are far-removed from Europe musically, but…


Every Country’s Sun (Rock Action)

Following their soundtrack to Cold War documentary Atomic, the shapeshifting Glasgow post-rock act have gone back to their roots

Ben Marwood

Get Found (Xtra Mile)

This is a curious, erratic but ultimately rewarding listen.

Spare Snare

Unicorn (Chute)

“Yet do much less – so much less!

Mitchell Museum

Everett Trap (MM)

A full seven years on from their ‘St Peter Port Memorial’ debut, this Glasgow trio have lost nothing of their adventurous spirit