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Album review

Fire In The Radio

Monuments (Wednesday)

There is nothing like a bit of true and direct music for when you are in lockdown.

The Fast Camels

Full of Strange (download)

This is 12 tracks of blissed out guitar pop, with the lead single ‘Blissful Serenity’ just the start

Pictish Trail

Thumb Word (Lost Map)

Like most new releases, this album was meant to be played live in all sorts of places

Lomond Campbell

Lost Bleeps From A Lone Highland Beacon (bandcamp)

This was released back in March (remember, when we skipped gaily to gigs and pubs like we actually could…). Lomond Campbell is known for his acoustic guitar singer/songwriter material so this is a bit of a turnip for the books, as they say. All tracks on this EP are instrumental synth, nay, analogue synth tracks […]

Anna Calvi

Hunted (Domino)

This is friendly music, with a true heart and spirit of its own.

Randolph’s Leap

(You Can't Put The) Brakes on Love' (Olive Grove)

Rather strangely parenthisied, ‘Brakes on Love’ is the lead track from Adam (from The Leap)’s solo self-isolation album.

Circle Meets Dot

'Archipelago' Vol. 5 (Olive Grove)

Before the virus, the esteemed artists Jo Mango and A. Wesley Chung recorded this lovely EP

Vulture Party

Vulture Party (Last Night From Glasgow)

Not exactly sure when this one will “drop” as the kids apparently say


Temps (16 Ohm)

You might expect “the Scottish Leonard Cohen”s album based around a 15 year relationship to be a less-than-cheery one.

Snakestyle & Tove Aradla

Nordic Patterns (Alex Tronic)

You are made to feel as though you are on one of those great waterslides that starts off slowly.