How To Put Your Hat On

During ‘Set It Alight’, vocalist Fionn Crossan self-deprecatingly asserts: “Never had a thought that really felt like it was mine.” It’s a theme that is subtly reinforced throughout this strong debut album more… “Kilgour”


A Quiet Remainder Of The Day

You may not have heard of Philip Toshio Sudo’s book ‘Zen Guitar’, but you can perhaps imagine how an album inspired by his ‘teachings’ might sound. more… “slow_the_tape”


Thick Terrain

This new album was preceded by a great single ‘Undercover‘ and is the first album in five years from the London-based combo, Covid and other factors having intervened a bit. Clocking in at 10 tracks and released on the mighty Eigg-based label Lost Map, it offers a warm and sympathetic take on dreampop with some eccentric and quirky rough edges showing through.

The riffs, the harmonies and the sound dynamics combine to make this a very enjoyable listen – BM would find it hard to pick a favourite track although ‘Undercover’ does sit well in the middle of the fray.

‘Tunnel’ stands out a bit due to its slower pace and more bucolic atmosphere, while ‘Swim Under The Winter’ has more electropop stylings and the male/female duetted vocals fairly soar – “disconnect (or “just connect?”) the dots, it’s not easy to give them what they want…” – the lyrics are just nuanced enough for the listener to project their own experience or interpretation onto them, like many of the best pop lyrics.

A great addition to the band’s work and a step forward…