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Scottish albums

The Twistettes

A Strange Play (Traffic Cone)

During this high summer period

Rev Magnetic

Versus Universe (Rock Action)

Rev Magnetic is the new band led by the legendary Luke Sutherland

Snide Rhythms

Welcome to Music Industry Fantasy Land (T-shirt)

“Nothing’s good and nothing’s free, all hail the mediocrity,” goes the refrain of ‘No App Ally G’,

George McFall

XIV: Surrounder (Tenement)

It’s been nearly eight years since his first album, God Save The Clean

Citizen Bravo

Build a Thing of Beauty (Chemikal Underground)

As the term usually conjures up images of dragons and wizards, maybe this isn’t a ‘concept album’ in the usual sense.

False Bliss

Ritual Terrains (Scottish Fiction)

Some readers will recall Scottish indie band DTHPDL.

Delta Mainline

Bel Avenir (Rehab Sound)

It’s been over five years since this Edinburgh-based combo’s last release

C Duncan

Health (Fatcat)

2017’s album ‘The Midnight Sun’ established C Duncan as a musician whose work could comfortably stand alongside any of the dreampop greats whose music had inspired him.

Siobhan Wilson

The Departure (Suffering Fools)

This is an impressive album, and has some crushing moments.


Your Church on my Bonfire (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

Is this really their forth long player? Well, it is and my God they have upped the songwriting quality to a point where it becomes quite sublime… This is a very good record – 11 tracks with no filler; cliches about “maturing” could be used here but it is just better, with Philip’s voice to […]