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C Duncan

an introductory letter (with Mr Chris Duncan on his new album, 'Health')

I feel like I’m amongst friends when I fire up my trusty tape recorder


Malicious (Video premiere)

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Fenella – ‘Malicious’.


major reconnection (with Manda Rin and Sci-Fi Steven)

‘This Is Fake DIY’ – less a tune from 90s popsters bis and more of a manifesto. Now they’re back and while still doing it themselves, they have a little help. Thanks to a chance meeting with a local record label, ‘Slight Disconnects’, the trio’s first new recording since 2003, will appear on Last Night […]

Strike The Colours

Work to rule (with Jenny Reeve)

They do say that good things come to those that wait. In which case, the new album from Strike The Colours is as expected

North Atlantic Oscillation

The appliance of science (with Sam Healy)

With a name like North Atlantic Oscillation, Sam Healy’s band seem unlikely to be pushing Ed Sheeran-style acoustic pop into the charts.

Malcolm Middleton’s living the Fife life

Living the Fife life (in Anstruther)

My call takes Malcolm Middleton by surprise – he’s engrossed, selecting Hallowe’en costumes.

The Twilight Sad

Cure tour is a real tonic (with James Graham)

Never meet your heroes, they say. But try telling that to The Twilight Sad‘s James Graham.

Karine Polwart

Tabling a political motion (and talking Trump)

Sometimes, the life of a musician on tour is seen as a exotic one.

Bill Wells

Baltic beats (and all that jazz)

Any other Scottish act releasing a new album on a Tallinn-based record label would turn heads.

Ian Donaldson

Looking to the stars - again (with the former H2O singer)

The 1980s, it seems, are back in fashion. Well, if they ever were in fashion. But among the poodle perms and bad trousers was something of a Scottish invasion on the charts.