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Gig review

Blanck Mass

Glasgow SWG3 (Wednesday December 11th 2019)

Rescheduling and rearranging gigs has been a bit of a thing recently in Glasgow

Randolph’s Leap

Glasgow Glad Cafe (Thursday December 12 2019)

Billed as “Olive Grove karaoke and Randolph’s Leap”,

B Movie / In Isolation / The Cathode Ray

Glasgow Audio (Thursday November 28th 2019)

As this year draws to a close there are a few of interesting and odd gigs happening. 

Bell Lungs / Painted X-ray / Raiments

Glasgow Rum Shack (Saturday 7th December 2019)

December in Glasgow can be pretty grim and it had rained all day so it seemed a good idea for BM to traipse along to this southside triple-header

The Raincoats / Hairband

Glasgow Mono (Saturday November 16th 2019)

Another great gig at Mono, with the sound levels perfect for the size of the venue and the crowd

The Great Western

Glasgow's West End (Saturday 23rd November)

Ambition and innovation is what drives the music industry forward

MC Solareye

Glasgow Old Hairdressers (Friday November 22nd 2019)

Closing what looked like a great Sonnet Youth spoken word evening

Leo Bargery / Stephen Solo / Johnathan Liley

Glasgow Inn Deep (Sunday November 24th 2019)

This was the second Last Night from Glasgow afternoon event at this venue

John Rush / Cat Caldwell / The Lightning Trip / The Rain Experiment

Glasgow Room Two (Friday November 22nd 2019)

A step into the unknown is always a good for challenging preconceptions and getting BM out of her musical comfort zone.

The Gracious Losers / Broken Chanter / Martha Ffion / Annie Booth / L-space / Domiciles

Last Night From Glasgow all-dayer, @ Glasgow Oran Mor (November 3rd 2019)

This was probably Last Night From Glasgow’s most ambitious event yet.