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gig reviews

Party at the Palace

LInlithgow (Saturday 12th August)

It’s been a bad couple of years for festivals. With the demise of Loopallu and Wickerman, and T in the Park’s reinvention as TRNSMT, the future of outdoor music events seems uncertain to say the least.


Mugdock Country Park (Saturday 29th July)

The moment I get on the ‘shuttle bus’ (it’s a people carrier), the rain starts.

The Filthy Tongues / The Kidney Flowers

Glasgow ABC2 (Saturday 17 June)

And so it came to pass – another Filthy Tongues gig at ABC2


Glasgow Flying Duck (Saturday 10th June)

Oh my Gnod (well it had to be) – after an emotional early evening

The Valves / Le Bomb

Glasgow McChuills (Saturday 3rd June)

A free gig, apart from an Edinburgh hardcore it was hard to tell who had actually thrown in their lot with this one, maybe 20 or 30 people, despite quite a few posters around town, notably in LoveMusicGlasgow. A good stage setup, with decent soundmix, Le Bomb have only been playing for a few years […]

The Wedding Present

Leslie Greenside (Thursday 25th May)

Never mind the crowd wallowing in nostalgia, David Gedge and his merry band must also be getting flashbacks as they take the stage.

Music is Torture

Tron Theatre (Tromolo Productions) (Thursday May 18th)

Tromolo Productions’ show ‘Music is Torture’ previewed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, last Thursday and it was an interesting, thoughtful 70 or so minutes

Metronomy / Bossy Love

Glasgow O2 ABC1 (Tuesday 16 May 2017)

What a great combination this was, the return of ABC regulars Metronomy after several years

Admiral Fallow / Steve Mason / Mungo’s Hifi

SAY awards Longlist @ Glasgow O2 ABC (Wednesday May 24th)

The Scottish Album of the Year has now been running a few years and is a good vehicle for promoting new music

ULTRAS / Acrylic

Glasgow Hug and Pint (Friday 5th May)

So on Friday, as opposed to the traditional Monday (Arab Strap album title, kids, look them up)