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gig reviews

King Krule

Glasgow SWG3 (Friday December 15th)

The first thing you noticed was the voice. Through concrete corridors came an unmistakable, arresting timbre.

The Divine Comedy

Edinburgh Usher Hall (Wednesday November 22nd)

Decisions, decisions. When you’re an upcoming songwriter, faced with a ‘foreign’ crowd, you want to make a good impression.

The Burning Hell

Glasgow Hug and Pint (Tuesday November 21st)

Hometown shows are always the best, and possibly worst, stops for a touring band.

Billy Bragg

Edinburgh Queen's Hall (Wednesday 15th November)

Towards the end of a two hour set, Billy Bragg says he’s often asked: “Where are the upcoming political pop bands nowadays?”

The Breeders

Glasgow O2 ABC (Sunday September 15th)

Bands with a history like The Breeders, with the ons, the offs, the lineup changes and whatnot, have a habit of inspiring rather feverish anticipation

Doune the Rabbit Hole (Saturday)

Cardross Estate (Friday 18th - Saturday August 19th)

So, you know that bit in the final Blackadder where the fields of Flanders are deserted and some poppies finally bloom from the desolation?

Doune the Rabbit Hole (Friday)

Cardross Estate (Friday 18th - Saturday August 19th)

I’m at the entrance to Cardross Estate and already Doune the Rabbit Hole is shaping up to be a weekend of firsts.

Mugstock – Top 5

Top tips (edited highlights)

This was Year 3 of Mugstock, a smallish festival in the hinterland between the commuter belt of Milngavie

Five Doune

Edited highlights (Top tips from Cardross)

So DTRH (nowhere very near Doune, these damn satnavs, glad BM does not use one…) 8 commenced with a lot of rain

Party at the Palace (day 2)

Linlithgow (Sunday 13th August)

So, we have an idea of what makes a festival great. The Hits.