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Gig review

Be Charlotte

'Lights Off' single launch (Youtube live session)

Another artist whose plans have been upended by COVID times is Dundee’s Be Charlotte;

Siobhan Wilson

Patreon livestream (Wednesday 8 April 2020)

Who would have thought it could come to this

Lemon Drink / Loudmammoth / Grayling

Glasgow The Poetry Club (Saturday March 14th 2020)

The signs were all there but it still seems incredible that this may be the last live gig for BM until… WHEN?

Helicon / Rambler / Stara Zagora

Glasgow The Rumshack (Thursday March 5th 2020)

The Rumshack is a great venue in Glasgow’s southside

Honeyblood / Carla J. Easton

livestream (Friday March 20th 2020)

It has very suddenly got very impossible for anyone to play live in a public place

The Close Lobsters / Domiciles

Glasgow Nice and Sleazy (Saturday 29th February 2020)

This was a good pairing, the returning heroes and the young upstarts.

Sound of Yell / Sensory Illusions

Glasgow CCA (Saturday February 15th 2020)

This was an excellent evening’s entertainment, starting with some highly eccentric and entertaining instrumentals from Bill Wells (on guitar) and Danielle Price (tuba)

The Monochrome Set / The Cathode Ray / Stoor

Glasgow Mono (Friday February 28th 2020)

This was a great triple header, so great that BM offloaded her ticket to see Sleater Kinney at the Barras that night

Anna Meredith / Callum Easter

Glasgow Oran Mor (Saturday 8 February 2020)

This was a gig originally scheduled for Glasgow Art School

Field Music

Celtic Connections @ Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery (Saturday 1st February 2020)

If the thought of a concept album is a scary prospect for you, think how Peter Brewis feels.