Malcolm Middleton

Classic Grand

Trying to find the Classic Grand is a bit like stumbling into Narnia. There`s something rather elusive about its narrow black door, which sits nestled snugly down the back of central station. I could`ve sworn it wasn`t there last time I went for a Big Mac! more… “Malcolm Middleton”

5th & Pontiac


Ok, so it`s not my favourite venue in the world, but I`m willing to give it a go. I stand on the main dance floor amongst a collection of friends, family (presumably), fans and happy wanderers waiting for the interminably bad, production line dance music to finish and musing on why the two preceding support acts even bothered more… “5th & Pontiac”

Tiny Dancers / Glasvegas

Cabaret Voltaire

At long last Glasvegas arrive in the capital for a gig, albeit a support slot for tonights headliners Tiny Dancers. Having played last year with Dirty Pretty Things on two sold out nights, it was with great anticipation that I approached the gig and I was not disappointed. From the moment they stride on to the stage looking every inch a classic band, to the first strum of Rab’s guitar, they have already impressed me more than most bands ever have more… “Tiny Dancers / Glasvegas”

Howling Bells

Cabaret Voltaire

In this era of post-post punk and nu-rave glo-sticks, Australian Gothic seems to be making something of a comeback. It`s not enough that Nick Cave has produced his rawest, most edgy material to date, with the mini-Bad Seeds rebranded as bearded wonders Grinderman ` now cowboy-hatted Aussie wonders the Howling Bells look intent on taking the country by storm. Add Kiwi band The Veils into the mix, and London is hosting something of an antipodean revival more… “Howling Bells”

Tim Finn / Amy Macdonald

Queen's Hall

Some support acts were just made for their main stars. They come on, like an earlier (and in this case, gawkier) version, all their talent intact and sate our musical appetites in such a way that we feel we`ve enjoyed two shows. Amy MacDonald, support for Tim Finn tonight, is a case in point. more… “Tim Finn / Amy Macdonald”

Amy MacDonald

King Tuts

Amy and her guitar take the stage in an eerily quiet Tuts and after a reasonably sombre intro starts into `This is the Life`. She delivers her nice vocal parts from the start – a reassuringly delicate, almost Scots/Celt folk feel throughout. Quickly though, I`m just a bit bored of this song. The guitar part and lyrics are doing nothing for me. I even find myself wondering if everyone to my left is family more… “Amy MacDonald”

The Cribs

The Hold

Don`t know who The Cribs are? Hang your head in shame, and apologise to the band that have been vying to get you attention for years now. Touring the country relentlessly, creating two amazing records and then, remember the really dull NME Awards in 2006? The Cribs lead singer was the relatively unknown bloke who flung himself onto the Kaiser Chiefs table to half inch their award, impaling himself on a glass bottle in the process.
This is the effort they put in for you, and you don`t even care more… “The Cribs”

Adrian Crowley / Pumajaw

Cabaret Voltaire

The early start at this Venue, as it so often does, resulted in me taking my seat having missed the first act and some of Pumajaw`s. It was my loss. It did not take long to become engrossed with the rest of the set. The songs – some covers, most of them original – are tender folk ballads at the core more… “Adrian Crowley / Pumajaw”

New Young Pony Club

The 100 Club

Possibly London’s most famous indie venue resides at number 100 Oxford St. This is where the Stones would play to the those Carnaby Streeters in the London scene that didn’t dare venture west to leafy Richmond. Perhaps, more famously, the venue was host to the regular bare-pit that was a sex pistols gig in 1977 more… “New Young Pony Club”