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Gig review

The View / The Automatic

Carling Academy (04/02/2006)

Unless you`ve been living in a coconut hide for the last few years, you`ll be well aware of just how quickly an act can emerge from the Clap n Parrot circuit and be propelled into the utmost echelons of stardom. From Enter Shikari`s math Metal Gabba outselling many a pop act live (having released virtually […]

The Sounds / Leatherettes

Westport Bar (24/01/2006)

It`s a game of two halves tonight` Dundee duo Leatherettes play sleazy, Kills-like rock `n` roll to an empty floor, the audience hiding in the shadows. Live they are a frustrating proposition, half irritating, half brilliant. Like the anti-heroine of Richmal Compton`s Just William books, when they are good they are very, very good ` […]