The McCarrons

Production values

A three piece indie/rock band from Halifax, The McCarrons are a band on the up. Influenced by the greatest of Brit rock and indie, their debut album ‘Whatever Next’ is on its way soon more… “The McCarrons”

United Fruit

No place like home

Glasgow four-piece United Fruit have been gathering something of a reputation for visceral, guitar-driven performances – though unusually on record they show as much of that hard-biting energy as they do live. more… “United Fruit”

Roads To Siam

5 questions

Usually our ‘up-and-coming’ section features some fresh-faced act, new to the big bad world of music and hoping to make some waves in the biz that is show. more… “Roads To Siam”

Admiral Fallow

Ten questions

When you are on friendly terms with up-and-coming musicians who actually talk to you online from time to time, then the opportunity to interview these lovely people becomes a natural occurrence. more… “Admiral Fallow”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Six questions

There are some bands that you can’t bring yourself to like. Some you think “what is all the fuss all about?”. Some bands don’t have what it takes and still get all the success. But this band, Penguins Kill Polar Bears, can wipe the floor with all of them. more… “Penguins Kill Polar Bears”