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Could Admiral Fallow and Field Music work together? You Tell Me…

You Tell Me (with Sarah Hayes)

“Who’s in The Guide section this week?” “You Tell Me.” “No, seriously, who?”

Making movies of life

with Horse Mcdonald (with (bracketed))

Regular readers will know we like to offer celebrity health advice, so when Horse Mcdonald admits to suffering a “hideous cold”, we have to ask how she got through her gig the previous night in Lanark. “I’ve skills from singing all those years so I picked my way through,” she confesses. Playing for more than […]

Karine Polwart

Tabling a political motion (and talking Trump)

Sometimes, the life of a musician on tour is seen as a exotic one.

Bill Wells

Baltic beats (and all that jazz)

Any other Scottish act releasing a new album on a Tallinn-based record label would turn heads.

Ian Donaldson

Looking to the stars - again (with the former H2O singer)

The 1980s, it seems, are back in fashion. Well, if they ever were in fashion. But among the poodle perms and bad trousers was something of a Scottish invasion on the charts.

Kathryn Joseph

waking up ( to a new challenge)

It’s music awards season, and if it was the Mercurys we’d be hard pushed to get time for chat with a former winner.

The Twistettes

Sisters doing it themselves (with Jo and Nicky D'arc)

Rock is littered with tales of sibling rivalry – from the Gallaghers to the Kinks, the closest of family relationships can become strained when together put in a tourbus.

The Nightingales

Back on song again (with Robert Lloyd)

With a new album and extensive tour schedule underway, Nightingales frontman Robert Lloyd very generously took a few minutes to speak about their current activities with ITM?

Rose McDowall

switching Strawberry for Sorrow (. )

What’s in a name? For Rose McDowall, it’s about finally striking out with her own identity following a string of nom-de-plumes and collaborations.

Jamie Scott

Digging up Glasgow's past (remembering 1988's Garden Festival)

For Glaswegians, and indeed Scots of a certain age, the Glasgow Garden Festival was a landmark event