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Siobhan Wilson

French Connections (.)

I have a lot of ground to cover with Siobhan Wilson – from her childhood in the highlands to her new album

Jonny B Grey

Remembering Scott Hutchison (.)

It seems more than a little surreal to be sitting in a Philadelphia coffee shop as I write this one year on.

Citizen Bravo

Talking money and music (with Matt Brennan)

It’s not unusual for musicians to attend university, but more often than not art college is the destination


Growing old gracefully (with Roddy Woomble)

You could forgive a band approaching their quarter-century for taking things a little easier.

Cries and Whispers

Cries and Whispers 1983 - 1991 (Anthony Reynolds)

Japan were, to me (at least before I read this book) a distant memory and a fleeting footnote in the history of pop.

A Mote Of Dust

Ashes to ashes (with Craig B)

“Critically acclaimed” is often another way of saying an artist has a small, perhaps, cult following

C Duncan

an introductory letter (with Mr Chris Duncan on his new album, 'Health')

I feel like I’m amongst friends when I fire up my trusty tape recorder


revival gets off to a flyer (with Keiron Melotte)

“We hate it when our friends become successful,” goes a probably not tongue-in-cheek song by Morrissey.


Malicious (Video premiere)

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Fenella – ‘Malicious’.

A New International

Death is a new beginning (A New International’s Biff Smith on his band’s rebirth in the underworld)

Life is a cabaret, or so the song goes. However, when A New International’s frontman Biff Smith was asked to write for a death-themed play, he leapt at the chance.