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Louise Connell

Playing the name game (and the power of the music fan)

What’s in a name?

Mungo’s Hi Fi

bass and beats (with Craig Macleod)

Reggae, to many, will conjure up images of Bob Marley, Jamaica, and probably summers of bygone eras.

Blanck Mass

heading Doune the Rabbit Hole (with Benjamin John Power)

Revellers at this year’s Doune the Rabbit Hole festival may be confused when they hear a familiar tune booming from one of the stages.

Lewis Capaldi

Divine inspiration ( and new-found fame, fortune, and playing for pals)

Lewis Capaldi is, understandably, a hard man to get hold of.

Stephen Solo

phoning it in (and going it alone)

‘Phoning it in’ is usually an insult but for Stephen Solo, it means quite the reverse.


Danger Signals (Video premiere)

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest single from Astrid, due out on August 2nd.

OFF 2019

festival (Poland's premier festival previewed)

As the big major festivals on the summer circuit become more expensive than actual holidays it grows increasingly clear that smaller fests are a much more cost-effective way of experiencing a weekend of horizon-expanding music.

Rev Magnetic

Taking on the world (with Luke Sutherland)

A gig in Glasgow is a homecoming of sorts for Luke Sutherland – well, close to his Perthshire home, and offering the chance to meet friends, old and new.


Life with a different beat (with Stina Tweeddale )

Musical partnerships are not always what they seem. In the case of Honeyblood – a guitar and drums duo since its inception in 2012 – the project has always been the songwriting vehicle of Stina Tweeddale.

Snow Patrol

returning from the Wildness (with Paul Wilson)

Paul Wilson is looking forward to the band’s first big outdoor show of the summer. No, not the festival circuit. A date instead with a rather larger audience – BBC’s One Show.