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Belle and Sebastian

Sound tracks (Sarah Martin on films and festivals)

The musician’s life may seem a glamourous one, but while a globetrotting lifestyle offers highs, there are lows

Midge Ure

Partying like it's 1980 (at Linlithgow Palace)

When you’ve had a life of chart hits and hit a pensionable age there might be some temptation to rest on your laurels, and indeed royalties.

Les Bof!

Making a French connection (with Angus McPake)

Although Scotland’s connections with France go back many years and a friendly rivalry is still ignited in regular sporting events, music isn’t really an area where the twa meet too often.

Herschel 36

Space is the place (silent movies and all that jazz)

Although they may make a futuristic, space-age sound, Herschel 36 also have a more retro side to them

Sacred Paws

(re)united (Going the distance)

Around 400 miles separate Glasgow and London – surely too far apart for a band to exist

Dumb Instrument

Scottishness, Doubt... and Shirley Bassey (with Tom Murray)

Nowadays, it seems you can’t hear a record on the radio without it being sung in a Scottish accent.

The National Jazz Trio of Scotland

Raising of the standards (Gerard Black and Bill Wells)

If you can’t stand the heat…

Louise Connell

Playing the name game (and the power of the music fan)

What’s in a name?

Mungo’s Hi Fi

bass and beats (with Craig Macleod)

Reggae, to many, will conjure up images of Bob Marley, Jamaica, and probably summers of bygone eras.

Blanck Mass

heading Doune the Rabbit Hole (with Benjamin John Power)

Revellers at this year’s Doune the Rabbit Hole festival may be confused when they hear a familiar tune booming from one of the stages.