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Randolph’s Leap

Dreaming of a green Christmas (with Adam Ross)

As a musician Adam Ross has had his fair share of reviews – mainly good ones for the songwriter behind Randolph’s Leap.

Albums of the Year 2019

poll results (as voted by is this music?'s writers)

Just in under the wire, the definitive* ‘best of’ list of albums released in the past 12 months.

Dumb Instrument

Scottishness, Doubt... and Shirley Bassey (with Tom Murray)

Nowadays, it seems you can’t hear a record on the radio without it being sung in a Scottish accent.


A sort of homecoming (Charlie Clark on finding his way back to Scotland)

Not everyone would swap the glamorous surroundings of LA for time spent between Stornoway and Glasgow, but for Charlie Clark, it’s time to come home.

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

the return (with Martin Metcalfe)

Martin Metcalfe has, by his own admission, learned to keep his mouth shut. Not, happily, for the duration of our chat, but when in what would usually be unfamiliar territory.

De Rosa

10 years of Prevention (with Martin John Henry)

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the release of De Rosa’s ‘Prevention’

Yip Man

Eastern promise (with Al Nero)

Getting noticed as a singer-songwriter is hard enough in your own country, but if you happen to live 6,000 miles away, launching a new album isn’t without its problems.

Broken Chanter

David MacGregor on the Gaelic and folk (and life away from Kid Canaveral)

Anyone who knows acclaimed indie band Kid Canaveral will be familiar with the richly-accented vocals of David MacGregor.

Lloyd Cole

Smash Hits (and ageing gracefully)

It’s 3pm my time, so for Lloyd Cole a respectable 10am in his base in Massachusetts. Well, for now, before he begins a tour to promote new album ‘Guesswork’.

A Mild Peril

Keeping it in the family (with Duncan Robertson and Rowan Smith)

They do say being in a band can be like family, so perhaps the chaos of a musician’s life is good preparation for settling down with kids.