Stephen Fretwell

I ascended the tour bus as Stephen Fretwell was changing his trousers. Having just played the eleventh gig of his tour at The Classic Grand on Jamaica Street, he was probably looking forward to relaxing. more… “Stephen Fretwell”

The Rock & Roll Times Guide To The Music Industry


Why would anyone want to get into the music business? Famously visualised by Steve Albini as a shit-filled trench where aspiring bands swim towards the contract-wielding cigar-chomper at the other end, he showed that for anyone with ideas of ‘success’ (which may start as low as ‘not losing your house’) even taking the DIY approach necessitates some sort of savvy. more… “The Rock & Roll Times Guide To The Music Industry”

On the couch with Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is ILL. Throat problems saw him struggle through his set at Glasgow’s Old Fruit Market, part of the Beck’s Fusions gigs around the UK. But is he OK besides that? The lofty love machine took some time (not much, mind) to answer some of Is This Music’s? probing psychological questions after the show. more… “On the couch with Calvin Harris”

Commander Keen

A few months back, I described Commader Keen’s My Tascam Dreams as one of the finest things I had heard all year. Listening to it (quite often, I have to say!) I stand by my comment “Imagine Sigur Ros, John Martyn and Squarepusher recording an album together. more… “Commander Keen”

Bernard Sumner – Confusion: Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus The World

Biographical tomes usually fall into 2 categories – the actual biography, written by some 3rd party probably most common, and unless ‘authorised’, often unwelcome. Stick ‘auto’ on the front and, ghost-writing aside, you have the life of the subject , in their own words.
Confusion, appropriately, is certainly in a category I’ve not encountered before – the biography with the ‘right to reply’. more… “Bernard Sumner – Confusion: Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus The World”

Kid Carpet – interview

Kid Carpet – the UK’s top purveyor of Fisher Price electronica – has just completed a Scottish mini-tourin conjunction with is this music? and those nice people at the Greenside Hotel in Leslie. Which is where Laura Barbour met the Kid, to discuss his his sound, his image, and of course, his plans for a musical assault on Europe… more… “Kid Carpet – interview”

Zoey Van Goey

On paper, Zoey Van Goey have all the makings of a band which some lazy folk, such as myself, may be inclined to describe as ‘twee’, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact they’re storming Glasgow’s scene bringing decapitated cattle into their live performances, thwarting the kitsch expectations of their audience and leaving shocked and disgusted punters leaving venues all over the country. more… “Zoey Van Goey”

The Ramones

With several Ramones DVDS on the go already, it’s a case of buyer beware. If you want to know the history of the band then there are are docmentaries to be easily found – Raw, and The True Story, whose title is self-explanatory. more… “The Ramones”