Brett Anderson

no more tears…

Having now unleashed upon us his debut solo album, the self titled Brett Anderson (the very title of which speaks volumes about his move away from a Suede-style lushness of style and grandstanding emotionalism), Brett Anderson is now embarking upon his first solo tour.

I caught up with him during rehearsals for the upcoming tour and found him in bullish, confident mood, eager to impress upon us his move away from the day-glo pop star of his early-`90s Suede heyday and gravitation towards a more adult style of pop, a style already evinced on the above album. more… “Brett Anderson”

Good Shoes

best feet forward

The state of pop music in this country hasn`t looked so good in a long time. For everyone that gave up hope when Jarvis Cocker fled to Paris, it`s time to put a smile on your face, things are changing. The Long Blondes finally released their debut album and showcased the world a master class in intelligent, heart ache pop. Camden jesters Art Brut have enjoyed success overseas off the back of their excellent album and proven themselves to be the closest thing we have to Pulp in this day and age. more… “Good Shoes”

Paul Napier

Here’s to the solo performers…

Paul Napier (pronounced “Nap-ee-ay, it’s French, I think”) has been causing something of a stir in Glasgow’s music community. Shot through with religious references and more than a few drinking stories, his songs are by turns maudlin and curiously uplifting. Sounding like a less whiny Bob Dylan rather than yet another Paolo Nutini-wannabe, and without a Fife Fence to be seen, he’s far more sophisticated than someone so young deserves to be. We caught up with him in Glasgow as he polished off a bottle of wine. more… “Paul Napier”


honoured to meet them…

Edinburgh four-piece O.B.E. have been gathering momentum for some time now, and their funky, angular pop has earned them comparisons with David Byrne, The Dead 60s and (dare we say it) Franz Ferdinand. Sharp, entertaining and possessed of a manic live energy, they feel like a success story in the making. We spoke to lead singer Stitch about their plans for 2007, and the new directions they`re heading in. more… “OBE”

Berwick’s walls are falling down!

music on the Border, by Alan Thompson

At the closing end of 2003, we held our Travelled Music launch night. Guest bands, Christmas celebrations and heaps of money spent on beer. I’d been working at an entertainment agents in Berwick and felt like the world was coming to end. Pop Idol rejects called me daily. Berwick needed a good kick up the proverbial, less holiday park hell, more underground sound. more… “Berwick’s walls are falling down!”

End of the Month Club

Still crazy… after 4 years

It can safely be said that the over-four-years running End Of The Month Club is in danger of becoming an indie institution in Glasgow. If you ask any of its regular attendees, or indeed the many bands it has showcased, this can be no bad thing. Where else can one get the best in up-and-coming electro acts from all over Britain, satirical humour, an on-going saga involving a plastic stunt man, music video mishmashes, kitsch competitions and a jolly host who is not afraid to prance about in a wig? more… “End of the Month Club”

The Horrors

Hair today…

In the wise words of Vince Noir, “It’s all about the barnet!” Although, whether The Horrors are more than just a ‘hair’ band is up to one’s own cynical/experienced judgement. Either way, it cannot be disputed that The Horrors are the hottest thing to come out of London recently, aside from ‘pioneers’ of the Nu-Rave revolution. No glow sticks here, just snarling punk insouciance mixed with psychedelic, hypnotic keyboards and guitars, best described as The Doors knifing 80s Matchbox in a beat-up `60s surf shack. more… “The Horrors”

Giant Drag

Ah yes so who exactly are Giant Drag?

A question many a pseudo rock hack has answered as being ‘The next big thing’. Of course this is true on some level, they are a great band, but Giant Drag being Giant Drag decided on doing the musical equivalent of putting a barrel of explosives into a bonfire. With songs like ‘`Kevin is Gay’ and ‘`You Fuck like My Dad’, the band were always going to find it difficult selling thousands of units, they had their ‘scenster’ audience, but on the mass market side of the business they were never going to be huge. However, the band have their eye’s set on a greater audience when they start recording the follow up to the brilliant ‘Hearts and Unicorns’, once their current tour has ended. “Some people are just narrow-minded, especially when it come to titles for songs, as if there is some hidden reason’` enthuses Annie Backstage before their Glasgow gig. “I don’t think people listen to a song for a couple of times just because the name…they listen to it cause they like the song or whatever. more… “Giant Drag”

Loving The Like

Chris Boyd talks to up-and-coming LA rockers The Like

Fresh off the back of touring America with the now-beardless Kings of Leon and having played a number of shows in dear old Blighty, LA rockers The Like are poised to get you jumping all over the place with their pop-punk stylings – Z Berg on the far left belts out lead vocals and guitar, Tennessee Thomas thumps the drums really hard and thrashes her hair round a lot and Charlotte Froom strums the bass. Having checked out their Barfly show, both itm? reviewers were impressed with their punchy, confident performance, despite the crowd comprising said slightly-tipsy scribes and five or six shifty-looking old men. Charlotte took time off from bass duty to answer these carefully-considered questions below. more… “Loving The Like”

Franz Ferdinand exclusive interview!

Interview with Franz Ferdinand conducted on 8th August 2005 By Stephen Cameron in conjunction with Manel Roig of Suite Magazine (Barcelona).

Manel asked the questions, while itm?’s Stephen Cameron propped him up and prompted him. The questions were carefully chosen by a panel including Mig (booker at Nice’n’Sleazy), Dave (Vera Cruise guitarist and Teenage Fanclub keyboard player), Ross and Norman (blaggers/photographers from The Scottish Daily Mirror), Rachel (wife of Glen the Franz tour manager), and various others backstage. more… “Franz Ferdinand exclusive interview!”