Rock Action

Mention Mogwai to any discerning music fan and a slow smile will creep across their face. For over ten years the Bellshill boys have slain audiences across the world with their brand of post-rock, by turns visceral and beautiful they have remained critical darlings for over a decade. more… “Rock Action”

Dundee – City of Discovery

Once Dundee was famous for producing jute, jam and journalism – now it seems it principle claims to fame are producing computer games, music magazines and kick-ass alternative music. The city that brought you Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and Clash Magazine is currently in the throes of a musical revolution. more… “Dundee – City of Discovery”


The world of pop is littered with stories of corruption – Alan Freed, the Pistols at #2… Scottish music’s tale of underhand dealings is less earth-shattering, though the tale of a certain act whose chart rigging scheme saw them buy so many copies of a single that the local Megastore’s stock went into minus figures is a particular favourite. more… “Cruiser”

Tartan Clef Music Awards 2007

‘Tartan’ and ‘Clef’
….are words many Indie Musicians’ would rarely utter in the same sentence, unless harking back to Archie Gemmell and school music lessons. However the 2007 ‘Tartan Clef Music Awards’, with Biffy Clyro, Idlewild, Gun, Franz Ferdinand and new boys The Law proved without a doubt this event is every bit as cool as a low slung Les Paul and shades indoors – yes people those are still cool if you’re rocknroll enough to pull it off…

more… “Tartan Clef Music Awards 2007”

Ken Garner

The Peel Sessions

Almost 15 years ago a Glasgow-based journalist (not a musicologist, he insists) wrote a book called In Session Tonight. I say “wrote”, there is a considerable amount of interesting prose in there, but perhaps ’compiled’ would be a more accurate part – certainly the bulk of Garner’s work will have been trawling the BBC archives gathering details on every session ever recorded for John Peel’s radio shows. more… “Ken Garner”


It’s good to know that sometimes even rock musicians are troubled by the minutiae of everyday life that bother the rest of us. When I arrive at Riley Briggs’ home in Edinburgh, the singer is in the middle of dealing with someone in a call centre. more… “Aberfeldy”

The National – interview

Waiting outside the ABC for my arranged meeting with one of the most lauded bands of the year, The National, I look up at the huge sign with the band’s name in lights and curse myself for not having managed to see them at any one of the smaller gigs they have played in Glasgow before tonight. more… “The National – interview”


Musically they couldn’t be much further away from arch-miserabalists Radiohead, but SAY – Lancashire’s most cheerily optimistic popsters – are with their Oxford antitheses on the subject of free music. Singer Jay Sansfield also can see the logic behind the ‘pricing’ model. more… “SAY”

Art School Dance

Anyone as tired of myself of the seemingly constant festival TV over the summer – interminable showings of Oasis and Klaxon-a-like bands – may find themselves welcoming any live music – even if it has the ‘Art School’ tag. more… “Art School Dance”