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Giant Drag

Ah yes so who exactly are Giant Drag? A question many a pseudo rock hack has answered as being ‘The next big thing’. Of course this is true on some level, they are a great band, but Giant Drag being Giant Drag decided on doing the musical equivalent of putting a barrel of explosives into […]

Loving The Like

Chris Boyd talks to up-and-coming LA rockers The Like Fresh off the back of touring America with the now-beardless Kings of Leon and having played a number of shows in dear old Blighty, LA rockers The Like are poised to get you jumping all over the place with their pop-punk stylings – Z Berg on […]

Franz Ferdinand exclusive interview!

Interview with Franz Ferdinand conducted on 8th August 2005 By Stephen Cameron in conjunction with Manel Roig of Suite Magazine (Barcelona). Manel asked the questions, while itm?’s Stephen Cameron propped him up and prompted him. The questions were carefully chosen by a panel including Mig (booker at Nice’n’Sleazy), Dave (Vera Cruise guitarist and Teenage Fanclub […]