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Paul Vickers

striding out (with the leg)

Who would live in a world like this? Through the keyhole, we see one Paul Vickers and his surreal take on music and life.

Malcolm Middleton

Talking words and music (on Human Don’t be Angry and Arab Strap’s mini-reunion)

Perhaps I worry too much, but I’m always aware my interview call could be interrupting a meal, or distracting someone’s driving.

Anna Meredith

the truth about 'FIBS' (and crossing the classical-pop divide)

‘It’s a little bit crazy at the moment,” says Anna Meredith, and she’s not exaggerating.

The Yummy Fur

Winging their way back (with John McKeown)

Fans of reformed indie band The Yummy Fur may be excited to hear that John McKeown is learning a new song.


'80s cult indie stars finally re-emerge (with Matt Willcock)

Maybe it’s as well Jazzateers aren’t planning to perform and play live.


A winter’s tale - swapping the Scottish east coast for Iceland (with Su Shaw)

For many Scots, winter is a reason to wrap up warm ahead of potential snowstorms and dream of next year’s summer holidays.

Future Pilot AKA

Plotting a new course (with Sushil K Dade)

For someone once signed to a major label as a bona fide pop star, Sushil Dade’s current musical activities seem somewhat unconventional.

Kettle of Kites

Asimov, Admiral Fallow, and the future... (with Tom Stearn)

The term ‘concept album’ tends to set alarm bells ringing, conjuring up visions of gatefold-sleeved prog rock epics

Randolph’s Leap

Dreaming of a green Christmas (with Adam Ross)

As a musician Adam Ross has had his fair share of reviews – mainly good ones for the songwriter behind Randolph’s Leap.

Albums of the Year 2019

poll results (as voted by is this music?'s writers)

Just in under the wire, the definitive* ‘best of’ list of albums released in the past 12 months.