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Pictish Trail

Thumbs up for going to work on Eigg (with Johnny Lynch)

Johnny Lynch apologies for his being slow to answer my phone call. “I’m just up!”

Aidan Moffat

Nocturnal emotions (and his latest Nyx Nott nom de plume)

If you purchase the new Aidan Moffat album you’re in for a surprise – there’s no sign of the former Arab Strap frontman’s dulcet tones

Yorkston Thorne Khan

Folk, jazz and electropop collide (and making an emotional connection)

It seems apt that Yorkston Thorne Khan are choosing the Celtic Connections festival to launch their third album. However, James Yorkston isn’t so sure.

Josef K

Songs for Europe (with Malcolm Ross and Paul Haig)

Nowadays, when a gig takes place, video will be on the internet within hours, warts and all.

Blue Tiles

When the machines rock (Steven McLaren on ' clash of dance, rock and electronica)

They do say the best things come to wait.

Isobel Campbell

on taking a break - (and her return from the musical wilderness)

A career break is often the excuse for a much-loved star vanishing from the public eye

Twin Atlantic

They've got the POWER (Ross McNae on the Glasgow trio's new album)

You’d expect an album entitled ‘POWER’ – yes, all caps – to be something of a monster.

Owen McAulay

DIY is a family affair (and the art of self-promotion)

Fame and fortune aren’t always the aim of every musician. Owen McAulay is a case in point.

Olive Grove’s Archipelago

Collaborations are key to the vinyl countdown (with Martin John Henry and Jo Mango)

Record Store Day may have been postponed until June (or later?), but for some, every day is a celebration of vinyl.

Harsh Winters

heading west (with Luke Joyce)

It’s an unconventional way to promote your new album, but for Luke Joyce, getting away from it all was a necessary step.