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Flux Velociraptor

3000 Fists (Video premiere)

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Flux Velociraptor.

10 of the best

a decade of Scottish Alternative Music Awards (with Richy Muirhead)

2020 saw the Scottish Alternative Music Awards celebrate their tenth year, albeit under more socially distant circumstances.

Hector Collectors

still looking good (with Adam Smith)

It used to be that to release an actual record you had to be a ‘proper’ band – quit your job, get signed to a label.

John Rush

life under lockdown (10 Qs with Betty Mayonnaise)

John Rush has been bubbling under for a while now, with last album ‘Under the Apple Tree’.

Ivor Cutler’s Y’Hup

Setting sail (with Citizen Bravo)

In a wintry January what better time to get away from it all, to the lush paradise isle of Y’Hup – even if it is an imaginary place conjured up by music.

Salt House

Loving the island life (with Jenny Sturgeon)

For most people, ‘social isolation’ will be tricky – especially the culture shock if going from the daily buzz of a city commute.

Ged Grimes

Gaelic games (and soundtrack songs)

Once famous for its three Js – jam, jute and journalism – the city by the Tay is now known for a couple of Ds – digital and design.

Vulture Party

Cause for celebration (with Dickson Telfer)

There’s not much to laugh about at the moment, but Dickson Telfer can still take a joke.

Colonel Mustard

Late Late Show (with John McMustard)

Col. Mustard and the Dijon 5 may be the Hardest Working Act in Showbiz.

The Valves

No pressure for Edinburgh punks' return (with Gordon Scott)

‘Punk’s not dead’ goes the old cliche, and The Valves are the latest act to be resurrected.