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Taking on the touts

why I put together a petition (Words: Ed Jupp)

Like many people, I tried and failed to get tickets for Kate Bush live in London when they went on sale recently. It was annoying, frustrating and just one of those things. I’m not the only person who never thought I’d see her live – and had hopes briefly raised when the dates were announced.

In the Studio with Culann

. (Words and images by David P. Scott)

On an anonymous South Lanarkshire industrial estate sits Chem 19 Studios, birthplace of many a masterpiece from feted Glasgow label Chemikal Underground alongside others.

The McCarrons

Production values (Questions by Mark Rodwell)

Up and coming: The McCarrons


Dark, Happy Music (by David P Scott)

Mark Twain is often misquoted as saying, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Although he never uttered these words, he would have been no stranger to the sentiment

Casual Sex

Kissing and making up (with Sam Smith)

Despite their cheeky moniker, Glasgow’s Casual Sex boast a huge sense of charm and intrigue.

is this music? top albums

- of 2013 (the writers' choices)

The votes of over 30 is this music? writers have been cast, and without further ado, we bring you the collated ‘best’ albums of 2013.

The June Brides

The Stories Continue... (Phil Wilson interviewed)

The June Brides initially existed for such a very short period between 1983 and 1986 but achieved a great deal in that initial burst of activity.

The Mirror Trap

The New Forgotten Generation (Words: David P Scott)

The Mirror Trap describe themselves as ‘bound together by a love of music, ideas and romanticism’.

was this music?

how the indie scene works - in pictures (by Adam Smith)

We’re always pleased to celebrate the successes of our writing alumni, whether it’s in other bigger and better writing jobs, getting their novels published, or reading the news on the BBC.


Home by the sea (interview by David P Scott)

On the coast of the Firth of Clyde sits the Ayrshire town of Irvine. A New Town with a long history, Robert Burns lived there for a time, it’s the largest settlement in North Ayrshire