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Mouse Eat Mouse

Mind your language (A toxic tete-a-tete)

Ah, Mouse Eat Mouse. itm? stalwarts, they’ve been through many lineup changes, with one steadying factor, frontman and principal songwriter / storyteller CD Shade.

Book Group

Live in session (Filmed by David P Scott)

The next in our live session series for is this music? features Edinburgh-based Book Group.

Some Form of Cohesion

Malcolm Midldeton (interviewed)

Malcolm Middleton returns to active duty this week with not just a new album (‘Summer of ‘13’ – out on Friday May 24th on Nude Records)

The Reich Stuff

an interview with Adam Stafford (Words: MIke Melville)

With his fourth solo LP ‘Taser Revelations’ Adam Stafford has confirmed himself as one of Scotland’s most imaginative and inventive artists.


Live in session (Filmed by David P Scott)

In the first live session for is this music?, Edinburgh-based quartet Skjør perform three acoustic numbers including versions of two tracks from their recent debut EP, ‘Nature’.

De Rosa

Spectre calls (with Mike Melville)

Almost four years after announcing that they would be reforming, De Rosa finally release their third album ‘Weem’ on Mogwai’s Rock Action Records on Friday 22nd January.

Albums of the year

2015 (The writers' choices)

It’s that time of year again – when we reveal the is this music? writers favourite albums of the year.

The Monochrome Set

Receiving loud and clear (Ten questions with Betty Mayonnaise)

The redoubtable Bid has been fronting the singular Monochrome Set since, oh my goodness, a very long time anyway.

The Mirror Trap

Silent Men (Words: David P Scott)

In 1971, eleven years after his death, ‘La Mort Heureuse’ (A Happy Death) by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus was published.

The Callstore

Singin' in the wire (Ten questions with Betty Mayonnaise)

The Callstore has been plying his distinctive pop sound for some time now.