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The Wayne Devro Set

What's in a name? (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

The Wayne Devro Set is the moniker of Brian Docherty, at one point the artist formerly known as Scientific Support Dept.


Politics and partying (with Tim Wheeler)

When Ash take the stage in Linlithgow in August they’ll do so alongside some of the legends of the music scene

Documenting the Yellow Movement

- with Chris McGill (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

Our writer Ms Mayonnaise has often looked to the small screen for inspiration for her writing

Music is Torture

Louise Quinn (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

itm?’s investigator-in-chief has always boasted of a thespian bent, so it was no surprise that she was drawn to the latest theatrical outing from Dawnings.


Dundee, Conroy’s Basement (Friday March 31 / Saturday April 1)

It seemed a low-key return to gigging, playing two nights in a small basement venue in their home city but after the sad passing of their manager

Wide Days

defying convention (interview with Olaf Furniss)

It’s April, and in a city plagued by venue closes and continual ‘discussions’ about the loclal music scene, it’s nice to have some sort of consistency.

This Is Memorial Device / David Keenan

10 questions for David Keenan (by Betty Mayonnaise)

A musician, a record shop owner and radio DJ, David Keenan has written, for BM’s money, one of the best music books to come out of Scotland for some years.

Glasgow Coma Scale

title (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

Ms Mayonnaise trawls the internet for new blood and fresh meat

She Drew The Gun

Shooting from the hip (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

The latest “Ten with Betty” is with Louisa from Liverpool combo She Drew The Gun.

The Blue Aeroplanes

What Happens, Happens (At the controls: Mike Melville )

“Are they still going?” A not uncommon response when I mentioned that I was going to see the Blue Aeroplanes recently.