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Paper Rifles

A political pop manifesto (with Jon Dick)

There’s a divided opinion on whether music and politics should mix, but it seems that things are different from back in the 70s


Band of brothers (Frightened Rabbit team up with Editors and Minor Victories)

The piece below was planned to go live on the site like any other interview – featuring one of our favourite artists who’d made another great album.


full circle (Stuart David on Rebus, Belle and Sebastian, and making a living out of music)

It’s almost two decades since Belle and Sebastian founding member Stuart David left the band.

Django Django reach for the skies

reach for the skies (Tommy and David on art and the underground)

The best things take time, they say, and Django Django live by this maxim.

Lonely Tourist

Living the High Life (with Paul Tierney)

It’s a shame that you can’t clock up air miles between Scotland and Bristol. Otherwise, Paul Tierney would be quids in.

Franz Ferdinand

Ascending new heights (with Alex Kapranos)

When Nick McCarthy announced his departure from pop behemoths Franz Ferdinand, fans must have feared the worst. The tight-knit Glasgow-formed foursome had been a unit for 15 years, after all. However, as lead singer Alex Kapranos says, splitting up wasn’t an option.

Simple Minds

A walk through the past (with Jim Kerr)

You’re talking my language!” jokes Jim Kerr, when I inform him I’m recording him on an old dictaphone.

The Spook School

Keeping on smiling (with Niall McCamley)

On the surface, Edinburgh-formed combo The Spook School might not promise a barrel of laughs


Trans-Atlantic soundwaves (with Scott Macdonald and David Jack)

Bands nowadays, it has to be said, have things quite easy. But still they complain about finding the time to get together, and having to schlep all the way to the rehearsal studio across town.

The Hazey Janes

A fine vintage (Matthew Marra on the 'missing' live album)

Looking at the back catalogue of The Hazey Janes it seems they’ve recently been pretty prolific of late