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Simple Minds

A walk through the past (with Jim Kerr)

You’re talking my language!” jokes Jim Kerr, when I inform him I’m recording him on an old dictaphone.

The Spook School

Keeping on smiling (with Niall McCamley)

On the surface, Edinburgh-formed combo The Spook School might not promise a barrel of laughs


Trans-Atlantic soundwaves (with Scott Macdonald and David Jack)

Bands nowadays, it has to be said, have things quite easy. But still they complain about finding the time to get together, and having to schlep all the way to the rehearsal studio across town.

The Hazey Janes

A fine vintage (Matthew Marra on the 'missing' live album)

Looking at the back catalogue of The Hazey Janes it seems they’ve recently been pretty prolific of late

Albums of the Year

The results (of our public vote)

The votes have been cast, the results totted up, and we finally have the results of the is this music? poll for Album of 2017.

Colin’s Godson

Back to the future (with Joe Greatorex)

Downsizing is a phrase we hear all too often

The sum of the Bdy_Prts

Production and politics (with Jill O’Sullivan)

Their look isn’t quite the ski mask chic of Pussy Riot, but Jill O’Sullivan, along with bandmate Jenny Reeve, won’t be dressing down

Albums of the year poll

2017 vote (the public decides)

Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year, where we round up the best of the releases

The Just Joans

Keep on smiling (interview with David Pope)

Cheer up, it might never happen. Salient advice, offered for free to David Pope, singer with The Just Joans,


Kraut-rocking beats (a chat with art-errorist)

If you think about it, the best of German music is old, and decidedly outwith the pop realm.