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Joe Kane / Radiophonic Tuckshop

Jennifer and Lucifer (Video premiere)

Joe Kane releases a new album under his Radiophonic Tuckshop guise.

The Iain Duncan Smiths

Politically correct (10 with Betty Mayonnaise)

The Iain Duncan Smiths have been prodding the political establishment for a few years now

Teenage Fanclub remastered

the Lanarkshire legends relive their past (with Brendan O'Hare)

Nostalgia, it must be said, is big business

Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No

Sunspot On My Mind (Video premiere)

Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No.

Tracyanne and Danny

take a trip (in conversation with Tracyanne Campbell)

They say a change is as good as a rest but for Tracyanne Campbell, working on her latest album was more than that.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

head Doune the Rabbit Hole (with Mike Palmer)

Indie four-piece We Were Promised Jetpacks have been absent from our stages and loudspeakers lately – following the release of third album ‘Unravelling’ in 2014.

Carla J. Easton

a trip Doune the Rabbit Hole (with the TeenCanteen singer)

TeenCanteen’s singer and songwriter Carla J. Easton is looking forward to the Doune the Rabbit Hole festival more than most.

Randolph’s Leap

Voyage to the Isle of Love (with Adam Ross)

Much-travelled of late, Adam Ross is closer to home territory. Elgin, to be precise, close(ish) to where he grew up, in Nairn.

Aidan and Hubby join the young team

Moffat and Hubbert on sex and death (and quantum physics)

Everything’s getting older… is the title of a previous Aidan Moffat album. Given that collaboration with Bill Wells, featuring the beautifully funereal ‘Copper Top’, it’s almost a surprise to be laughing and joking in the company of the former Arab Strap frontman.

Half Man Half Biscuit

from the archives (interview with Nigel Blackwell from 2003)

A dodgy scan of itm? issue 7, celebrating 15 years since the last time we interviewed Nigel…