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The Grand Gestures

Third time lucky (Jan Burnett on friends and family)

On putting together his series of Grand Gestures albums, mainman Jan Burnett seems to have an endless supply of vocalists to front the ever-changing ‘collective’

An End Has A Start

T in the Park at Balado (Words: Matt Shaw)

Ten years ago I attended my first ever festival. It was, as it is for many Scottish teenagers, T in the Park.

Sound of the Underground

Why I’ll Miss Girls Aloud (Matt Shaw on the acceptable face of manufactured pop)

Last night saw the first of three nights on all-girl group Girls Aloud’s farewell tour after ten years at the top of pop music.

Tooting their horn

Who has done more for their instrument? (asks Jonathan Whitelaw)

Throughout the aeons of time, mankind has always made associations. The music industry, as it has been for so many things, serves as an inflated, hyperactive, giddy version of this.