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The Kut

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A startling mix of dreamy vocals and vaguely industrial feedback, all punctuated by some reliably metronomic beats, The Kut look and feel like a prospect for the future. Sounding like a pared-down version of Nineties indie-dance almost-rans Curve, they have the potential to cross genre boundaries without resorting to the glo-stick waving antics of nu-rave. […]


Don't Be An Asshole, Dustin (Press Hat & Cigar)

This latest collection of songs from former My Legendary Girlfriend frontman is available to download from his website. C’mon, you got no reason not to check it out. And, what’s on offer is a collection of brilliantly crafted and deliciously cynical songs. Anyone that’s been in a band that doesn’t recognise Somewhere Near Preston, needs […]