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The Bluffers – demo

... (demo)

Bravely confessing to starting off doing Oasis and Travis covers (which make their Girls Aloud phase seem rather tame) this young Coatbridge act show maturity beyond their years.

Ray Favourite

... (demo)

A note from reader Ray Favourite, who tells is in his hand-written note that he has “some songs and half a band”.

Lad Lazarus

demo (...)

The Highland pop explosion continues unabated with this gem of a demo. London record executives can be heard packing their gaelic dictionaries, passports and snow boots

The [Future] King of Scotland :.

... (demo)

Nice presentation – blue Saltire paint-splattered on the flexible plastic CD sleeve. Sadly the CD doesn’t actually play, which does put the mockers on things a little.

Permissive Society

... (demo)

Apparently this CD has lain undiscovered in the pile for so long that the band concerned have since split up. Which is maybe for the best

Collar Up

demo (...)

Piano. Drums. IS THAT IT? Anyone else thinking Keane? Ok, maybe the Dresden Dolls?


... (demo)

For some reason I’d expected full-on in-yer-face punk rock from this Glasgow 4-piece but what they offer is something much more considered and indeed more up-to-date. Certainly, the influences are closer to the 80s than 70s – acerbic guitar in the Gang of 4 vein, gothy vocals from a darker place la Sisters of Mercy, […]

The Sea Kings

... (demo)

Decidedly pastoral sounds. Or maybe that should be ‘seascape’? ‘Zoonosis’ (eh?) is a lazy mess of strummy acoustics and occasional shards of jagged fuzzy guitar offset by top class harmonies. The band exhibit a whole mess of influences or sounds – Martin Stephenson, the Wonderstuff on ‘Old Snow Plough’ as well as the more obvious […]


Boom Boom (demo)

Pop in pop socks? We’re off to a good start. Hailed by those who are deemed to know about such things as being “rather good”, this grrrl power trio are kicking up a storm, mostly by selling advertisement space on their arse to fund their forthcoming trip to the Baybeats Festival in Singapore. Anyway, evidence […]

Record Playerz

For every underachiever, there is an overachiever. The founders of Record Playerz, not content with creating one of the most important club nights in Glasgow, DJ’s Hushpuppy and Hi-Fi Sean started an offshoot band under the same name to make trashy and fun pop. A contemporary equivalent to Gary Glitter but without all the kiddy […]