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Yusuf Azak

Gazelle (demo)

I’m not sure if this is a demo or a ‘commercial’ release, arriving, as it does, in a home-made sleeve that appears to have been lovingly constructed using scissors and paper glue. The hand-made charm stretches into Azak’s beautiful and equally accomplished and rough-hewn songs.

The Loyalties / Radio Dead Ones

Black Jimmy / Jimmy Does (Promo)

A split single featuring two bands covering each others songs. A bit odd, but anything goes. The Loyalties are classed as an underground punk and rock’n’roll band. The rough edges have been knocked off these guys and its not wild punk as we might know it


This Forfar group are definitely active when it comes to promoting themselves. So much that I received this demo twice in the same day!

Dance Lazarus Dance

(demo) (...)

Glasgow electro-pop shenanigans prevail on the latest demo by this fast rising band. Already known for having the best song titles in popular music, this latest recording upholds that claim with the wonderful ‘Carmen Electro’.



Skatch, a self proclaimed “Ultra Party Power Pop” 5-piece from Birmingham slam out some energetic, pop… for the under 16’s.

Kyle Cuthbert

Magic Farmer demo (...)

A demo recording of better than average standard. It’s a sparse affair with just Kyle Cuthbert’s vocals and acoustic guitar guiding us through two mellow folky campfire tracks

Fit and the Conniptions

... (demo)

Four tracks clocking in at nine minutes: lead Conniption Wayne Myers certainly doesn’t waste time. ‘Too Much Long Time’ is straight-forward rockabilly, with only a squeaky organ solo breaking up the urgent, strutting guitar.

The Vivians

... (demo)

Hair? check. Clothes? check. Daft names (Chris Kiss, Damon DeVille)? Check. However, this Edinburgh 4-piece seem to have more going for them than the Fratellis or the View

De Loreans

... (demo)

Happily, in this myspace age, physical CDs aren’t strictly necessary any more. Which is as well, as the De Loreans EP doesn’t play.


... (demo)

Reassuringly, Stroszek are indeed named after a Werner Herzhog film. And they are indeed a band out of time- quoting Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell, and John Pilger in their press booklet, they are a band who clearly spend some time on their words