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Sophie and Jack

Before I Explode (...)

Unsigned ethereal loveliness from a Birmingham / Plymouth duo – well, that’s how my initial notes read

Torturo Nervosa

Saturnalia (self-released)

Demo? Promo? Dunno. What I can say about this Perth 3-piece is that they sound like a fully-accomplished and very ROCK act

The Awkwards

Tenement Girl (...)

Apparently the work of a solo artist The Awkwards make slightly mournful singer-songwriter sounds


Pushchair (...)

Looking on their picture like a bunch of, um, ‘seasoned’ musicians, DNB make a kind of timeless strummy pop with an understated Scots accent.


Eternal Life (Unsigned)

The web is cluttered with solo singer-songwriters. How can one stand out? If you’re a one-man band stuck in Aberdeen, presumably by sending cds off to websites like this. And waiting. Eventually, a review may be forthcoming, either filled with platitudes, or mercilessly harsh in its criticism. So for that we can only apologise to […]

Jack Peachey

A typing Error (...)

Upon listening to Jack Peachey’s five-track demo it’s hard to believe it was recorded when he was 16. Jack now records under the name Gallery 47 and based on this it should be a name we hear more of.

Ross Drummond

Drink Up / Motel (I Blame The Parents)

Acoustic Ross Drummonds inventive solo strumming culminates in two powerful demo tracks with their memorability built on the non stop double tracked vocals making up for the absence of other instruments.

Kat Flint

Edinburgh Henry's Cellar Bar (10th June 2008)

Flint has the audience well prepared for her by support act Paul Guilbody, whose set is best described as ‘friendly’. Opener ‘Tunnet Man’ nicely sets the tone – haunting, low-key and yet, naggingly addictive.

Safe 2 Say

3 Sides To Every Story (...)

It’s been less than a year since I last heard from Forfar based Safe 2 Say and I must admit, I was less than thrilled to receive their new CD in the post. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be.

My Electric Love Affair

4-track demo (...)

It all starts so promisingly, until the sneery Liamesque vocals kick in… ignoring those (if you can) and MELA offer a Mary Chain-y churn with distorted guitars – indeed, a sound closer to Freeheat, the JAMC spinoff.