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This Island (

From Stornoway, Iglue is, I believe, a singer-songwriter, and this may well be the work of a one-man-band, but he disguises it well


Underground Overground (

I’m not sure we need another post rock band from Glasgow


Running (...)

One of those demos that turns up in the editor’s email box and gets wedged there for a few months, ‘Running’ starts off all moody electronica – think Brian Eno and his ‘found sound’, live from the Russian Steppes. After a slow buildup it kicks into life with some serious beats and a chorus that […]

John Knox Sex Club

Up Above Us The Waves Crash (demo)

Another year, another new chanter in a Scottish accent – well this is encouraging, the Proclaimers were right all along

Dominant Figure

Washing Machine (...)

The fact its lead track shares its name with a Sonic Youth album doesn’t mean that this Dundee 4-piece are in that noise-rock ballpark, but they will probably please fans of that genre

The Morgue Party Candidate

Good Morning Good Night (demo)

It does feature slightly mannered vocals but on the title track it’s a mix of light and shade as a rattling drumbeat soundtracks a tale of woe

Little Fire

demo (...)

What sounds like it’s going to be yet another singer-songwriter quickly introduces drums (albeit synthetic, probably)

Das Filth

demo (...)

And back to the 80 we go. No, wait! Rather than a sleek new romantic-style electonic pop number, Das Filth instead

Greg Whalen

Wolf Howls (demo)

“Greg, you might have mental issues…” “Tell me something I don’t already know!”


Or Optimism (...)

A demo, I believe, from a Dundee act, but surely they’ll soon get something released. ‘Or Optimism’ it already sounds like there’s several things going on