This Island

From Stornoway, Iglue is, I believe, a singer-songwriter, and this may well be the work of a one-man-band, but he disguises it well more… “Iglue”



One of those demos that turns up in the editor’s email box and gets wedged there for a few months, ‘Running’ starts off all moody electronica – think Brian Eno and his ‘found sound’, live from the Russian Steppes. After a slow buildup it kicks into life with some serious beats and a chorus that Brian Ferry would have been happy to invent electropop for, before abandoning it for something a bit more lounge lizard-y.
And that kind of sums up the band – Benbecula artist Keir MacCulloch (aka Araya), and Angus Carbarns who has served time in Theatre Fall and The Cinematics. There’s more on their myspace including the decidedly chipper ‘A Specter Is Haunting Europe’ – www.myspace.com/capitalsband

Dominant Figure

Washing Machine

The fact its lead track shares its name with a Sonic Youth album doesn’t mean that this Dundee 4-piece are in that noise-rock ballpark, but they will probably please fans of that genre more… “Dominant Figure”


Or Optimism

A demo, I believe, from a Dundee act, but surely they’ll soon get something released. ‘Or Optimism’ it already sounds like there’s several things going on more… “Popolo”