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Cruel Sports

Drum Drum Drum (demo)

A new Scottish band, eh? So, that’ll it be – Biffy or folky?

Martyn McKenzie

Opened (demo)

Sometimes just a wee bit of drumming is enough to make your bog-standard acoustic act stand out.

Georgia Kate

Sing Sang Sung (demo)

Georgia is a 16-year-old acoustic singer-songwriter from the borders, and her youth shows in this recording.


Stop / Go Man (demo)

One, CD, 5 tracks, from this Stirling act… ‘Space’ builds slowly and deliberately with hints of Smalltown Boredom or slowcore acts like Karate.


an unsigned roundup (with Miles O'Toole)

A bit of a roundup of demos, and what look a bit like demos but aren’t

Like Swallows

Liens (demo)

An hour ago I didn’t know the band, Like Swallows, but I do now.

Borderline Syndrome

In Rainbows (demo)

Where, oh where to begin with such a disasterpiece?

Turning Plates

Sleeping Trojans (demo)

I wasn’t sure what to make of this band when I first heard their music. I just knew I liked it.

Ste Guy

Goodbye To You (self-released)

Singer-songwriter whose influences include TFC, GoBetweens and Ennio Morricone. So far so good.

Arne Von Brill

I Am A Writer (demo)

An intersting demo set from what I believe is a band including an ex-pat Scot based somewhere in ethe Far East.