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Retro Techno (Floppy)

By • Sep 17th, 2016 • Category: long players

This shady duo’s first release was a beyond ambient series of tones and bleeps, but here they take things up a notch.

Opener ‘Trying Very Hard…’ features an infectiously simple keyboard riff interspersed with sudden, jarring bursts of white noise. ‘Empty Threats’ introduces pulsating drums for a 12-minute techno head-nodder that becomes oddly mesmerising. ‘So You Don’t Want Me To Come’ is another epic, mixing ‘Radioactivity’-era Kraftwerk with full-on noise.

The duo flirt with ambient, Eno-esque soundscapes on occasion as choral vocals build up somewherein the distance before the pounding train-like rhythms of ‘It’s Thursday’ take over. Decidedly uneasy listening.

(This review originally appeared in the Fife Herald)

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