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Carla J. Easton

Wanting What I Can't Have (Olive Grove/LNFG)

By • May 5th, 2018 • Category: Album review

The second single from Carla Easton’s new album (‘Impossible Stuff’, out soon) is a brassy belter!.

It starts with a syncopated electronic percussive backing track, then a mid-paced intro before the vocals kick in. The great circular piano riff starts things off properly…

With the instrumentation dropping and coming back in during the verse (“I’ll love you until you love me back”), there follows a gorgeous chorus of the kind that only CJE can do. That’s where the brass comes in, with the catchy backing refrain (“uh oh uh uhia oh”, or something, it is infectious). There is also also rumbling bass and synth – a very sophisticated production altogether, showcasing Carla’s extraordinary voice and songwriting nous.

There are shades of Motown, torch song and pure pop, but this is Carla’s sound, not following anything, and fresh as spring 2018.

Working with Howard Billerman (look up his US and Canadian production credits, he has done a fine job on this for sure), this is another step up from one of Scotland’s most gifted musicians.

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