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Carla J Easton / Starry Skies

Compered by the inestimable Ali Braidwood, the slice of this afternoon BM saw was a couple of hours of pure pleasure – the earlier rain dissipated (a couple of earlier bands probably suffered a bit during that) but the gazebo set up outside the Tron contained this current version of The Starry Skies well and the sun even began to come out during the set. Warren and his foils played cuts from last year’s album plus a couple of new songs, and encourage some audience participation (Monica Queen also took on tambourine a couple of times as well). So far, so good, and the rain stayed off for Carla’s set as well.

Still battling her ancient and unreliable drum machine, Carla and guitarist Paul Kelly gave us tracks from last year’s album ‘Impossible Stuff’, an older track ‘I Hate You’ plus at least one new song. Carla’s incredible voice bounced off the architecture, the highlights of the set being “Girl From Before” and the title track of the album.

There is nothing better than listening to such great live music in the open air, in the city in the summer.