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Carla J Easton

Get Lost / Touching the Sky (Olive Grove)

By • Jun 4th, 2020 • Category: Single review

The new A-side from acclaimed Glasgow-based artist Carla J Easton is a true pop single – coming in at less than three minutes, it is the full package.

The riffs, the chorus, the backing, it’s got the lot. This is quite some development in Carla’s sound, and there are shades of Chvrches, American r&b and some other unique sounds (that blasting synth for example). Probably the most fully-formed pop track she has delivered to date, the whole thing screams “summer smash”, yet has not lost the originality of her earlier material – or that incredible voice!

The B-side ‘Touching The Sky’ is longer and a bit darker, but is another Carla classic, and a bit more experimental, and also well worth checking out…

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