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Carla J. Easton

Lights in the Dark (CJE)

By • Mar 3rd, 2018 • Category: short players

BM thinks this is her first release of 2018 but with an artist as prolific as Carla J Easton you never know.

This new single offering comes in several versions, the radio edit knocking a couple of minutes off the full 5 minutes + version – and as expected from Ms Easton it is an absolute joy! There are shades of some of her Ette material here but it’s yet another new direction, more like some of those early Associates singles on Fiction, an eccentric torch song.

So let’s go with the full version. A mid-tempo ambient, bleepy start before that unmistakable voice glides and swoops over a mainly electronic backdrop, telling a tale of domestic un-bliss as the tension builds… Breathy and emotional, she intones “A house is not a home, it’s the just the place we’re living…”

There is an abrupt change of instrumentation and tempo after that first section, going into a faster, more urgent and broader sound with keyboards, guitar, electronic drum machine and synth bass drones contrasting with the emotional and tortured vocals. Sequencers then come to the fore, beginning to sound like The Pet Shop Boys before sounding like the plug is being pulled out at the end…

A great end to another tour de force from one of Scotland’s most talented singer-songwriters – “Searching for the lights in the dark”, indeed.

Betty Mayonnaise

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